Wedding Gig: Behind the Scenes 2014

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Yesterday was a really blessed day for me! It marked my first booking for the year and I am so thankful that God is continuously blessing me with good friends along the way. If you are a constant reader of this blog, for sure you already know about my MUA friend Arni. She hired me for the wedding gig and it was trully a wonderful experience. We worked for 12 hours beautifying people! It's not really 12 straight hours of work but we needed to stay to retouch the bride and assist her in anything that she might be needing.

It was actually my first time to be attending a Christian wedding. It was really beautiful! Something I desire for myself when I get married in the future. I love the part where in the bride and groom gave their personal messages to their parents. It was really touching! I love how personal and close to heart the wedding ceremony is.

Back to the makeup gig, we arrived at Holiday Inn Ortigas early morning and started prepping people. I really love the feeling of making people happy just by applying makeup on them and bringing out their best features. I worked with 5 people all in all. It was exhausting but the feeling was satisfying after all the work was done and they are all smiling and going around taking pictures of themselves and complimenting each other.

Here's my work station! Where all the magic began!

My first client is the family friend Laurice. She has pretty strong features already all I did was to amplify her natural beauty. 


MUA: Arrienne Prisno HAIRSTYLIST: Aizyl
 Second stop is one of the groom's sister. Her skin is really beautiful. I really didn't have to work hard to beautify her. I just need to make her eyes look more wide awake and make it a little bigger because that is what she likes.

The next one is the bride's mom. I really had fun doing my magic with her because she has lots of stories to tell and there really wasn't any dull moments with her.

Then the bride's maid. She has really expressive eyes so all I did was to emphasize it even more. Pretty simple!

Sorry No before shots, i forgot.
 Last but not the least the bride's sister-in-law. Super fair skin and beautiful skin as well. I really didn't have any problems beautifying her!

No BEFORE shots :(
Then Arni did the Bride's makeup using air brush. If you want to book us don't forget to email me for rates. Looking forward to work with you guys!! More wedding gigs to come! <3

MUA: Arni Raquid and Bride's Tita



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