Isdaan Floating Restaurant Experience

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So today is the day that I'll be sharing to you how Pagibig and I celebrated his big day and our monthsary as well. This excites me the most because I've been really planning, hoping and praying to be able to get here someday finally another dream come true!

Let me all welcome you to Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Laguna! Just to give you an idea, Isdaan Floating Restaurant is under Barrio Fiesta and has two major locations - one in Gerona, Tarlac and the other in Calauan Laguna. Isdaan Floating Restaurant is literary a floating restaurant on Ilog Amore (River Amore) and offers a wide variety of dishes and assortment attraction. 

We went here via commute, I am poor at directions so I can only teach you what we did and if you need more details you can click HERE. So from Pasig, we rode a provincial bus labelled Sta. Rosa then dropped off in front of Isdaan. The average travel time would be around 2-3 hours including traffic. We left manila around 11 am and arrived at Isdaan around 1 pm. 

Upon arrival, you need to have your name listed and wait until there's an available place for you to stay and dine. It really took us a long time because that time was Mother's Day so a lot of people are coming by. While waiting you can stay at their homey waiting area and that's where you can see the Pasalubong store where you can bag some sweets and delicacies before going home. It was strategically placed in the waiting area so people who'll get hungry from waiting can avail some of their products. If you aren't patient enough, I suggest do not come here without having reservations, because it took us more than hour till we finally got in. It was crazy!

Guess who I am with :)
Once you were given your "cottage" number, you'll then be directed by their ushers/usherettes to the designated spot. You seriously need the ushers because the place is quite big there's really a high tendency you'll get lost. 

So here it is! Our very own homey cottage! Super nice isn't it! It has it's own ceiling fan and some sockets where in you can plug your gadgets if ever you'll need some recharging and COOLEST part is the switch on button if you need assistance. The red signal light outside your cottage will alert the waiters to assist you if ever you'll need something.

zoom in to see the prices

zoom in to see the prices

Patience is really a must. Because after waiting to get seated, you also have to wait a little more upon ordering. Super hassle because we were really really hungry that time! Oh well!

Here's their menu and I must warn you the prices are pretty high so you better get your wallets ready before planning to visit here. I also suggest to go in groups in order to save more.

We ordered Kare-Kareng Baka, Spare ribs, one bagong saing sa kaldero plain rice (good for 2-3 pax), one melon shake and one watermelon shake. Our bill reached about 1300 php. It's really expensive but I guess you don't only pay for the food but also for the place and I have nothing against it! I am really satisfied with the food we ordered, it was really really delicious not to mention the beautiful scenery around you! It's just a perfect date out with my Pagibig and even a perfect family date out as well complete with a little serenade by some resident musicians.

After eating, we decided to tour around the place and found even more splendid attractions and sights to see!

Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Laguna has this Thailand-ish theme complete with different kinds of Buddha's all over the place, mermaids that looked like people from an ancient tribe and a lot more.

 You can also find some other performances done by some magicians, acrobatics and some circus event. There were also action figure statues, some cartoons and even famous personalities in and out of the country.

Before going home, we also get to try to ride a boat which was free but not really because you need to pay the bankero 20php per pax for tip or something. We were so blessed to have manong bangkero who was really kind to his passengers. He volunteered to take pictures of us and he took these beautiful pictures I fell in love with! Super thank you Manong!

Then we got so tired due to the activities we did and also the scorching weather so we decided to go home only to realized we forgot to dropped by their Taksiapo area and totally missed the chance of experiencing it! Oh well..:(

Going home, you can simply wait across Isdaan for the bus going to Cubao. Took us a while again to hail a bus but when we finally do it was full and the only option is to stand! I stood for about 1 1/2 hours while Pagibig remained standing for about 3 hours - entire journey from Los Banos to Sucat! Super traffic as well! Just so perfect! So I suggest if you have plans to visit Isdaan in Laguna anytime soon, do not go there during Holidays or weekend, it was really terrible. We learned from this bitter sweet experience of commuting but definitely worth everything because I'm with Pagibig (so mushy) ^_^

Overall, I must say, I really loved the experience and I totally recommend this place to you guys! If you are looking for something unique and nature friendly, go with Isdaan Floating Restaurant! All worth it! Just keep in mind my reminders and everything will go on smoothly~

Till next post! More food posts coming up!


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