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Lately, I've been loving online shopping! I have been enjoying the stress free type of shopping nowadays that I am in the mood to share to you my experience in Zalora. I've been ordering from Zalora since late last year and I can say that I have only been disappointed ones and it's not even their fault, it was when I actually ordered shoes and it was a 2 size bigger. I had a mistake looking at the size chart for international sizes and ended returning the item and asked for refund via wallet credit.

Since then, I had a slight hesitation to order shoes from Zalora, not until I found a new shoe fave from So Fab that really made me think twice. But before you hit that order button from Zalora, here are my tips on how you can save yourself from the hassle of returning items purchased.

1. This is the most important tip I want to share with you. When you are looking for the size chart and really has no idea what country size to choose from, go for US size chart and go a size smaller than your actual size is. Again this is only applicable for shoe sizes.

My shoe size runs from 5 to 6 here in the Philippines and just when I thought that US sizes are almost similar with ours, I chose US size 6 then was so disappointed to see that it was actually a size bigger. So the next time, I ordered US size 4 and got the size I wanted! Finally!

2. Don't keep your hopes up especially when the item you want under shoe department is on sale. Most probably, it doesn't have your size anymore. Better to check the sizes available first before getting too excited in placing an order.

3. Read the description of the items well. The  product descriptions are there for one main purpose - that is to keep buyers aware of the materials used, dimension etc. so that you won't be surprised when it finally arrived in your doorsteps.

Here's my most recent purchase, So Fab Jessy Flats. They are just so amazing! These are rose gold duo chrome strappy flats that is perfect for everyday look and for summer as well! It feels so comfortable and the straps feel so soft against my skin. I never got any blister from these! I got mine for only 999 php! ^^

Here's the link to see these flats online HERE

Have you tried ordering from Zalora?

What do you think about these flats? Aren't they adorable?

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Here's another treat for you! I made Graham Balls last weekend and I am glad that I was able to successfully do it and please my food tasters a.k.a. Pagibig and Pagibig's sister. I did a No-Bake Strawberry Tart last time so if you haven't checked that out and want to see how I did it click HERE.

To make Graham Balls, first you'll need the following:

1. Crashed Graham ( I used 2 regular packs of Graham for this one and crashed it)
2. Condensed Milk (1 Big Can)
3. Marshmallows (I used mango flavored marshmallows for this one)
4. Powdered Milk(  I used Bear Brand Milk Powder on this)


Crashed the Graham. This process took so much of my time in making this Graham Balls. So if you happen to find crashed Graham in market good for you but if you are just like me, I suggest find a strong man in your house to crash the graham for you.


Mix in the condensed milk into the crash graham pan but make sure to do this gradually. Work on few graham and condensed mixture little by little. This is to avoid adding too much condensed milk and make the consistency too liquid-y. 

You need to make the consistency tacky so that it will be easier to mould it into ball shapes.


Grab some small amount of the graham and place the marshmallow in the middle and add some more graham to cover the marshmallow. Make sure to add some more graham if needed to cover the marshmallow well. Roll it as you move along to create a perfect circle or graham ball.


Roll the graham ball to the pan of powdered milk until you finally coated everything.


Let it cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes then it's good to go! 

Enjoy eating your deliciously homemade Graham Balls!

I hope you'll try it!

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I have read a very interesting article online about things you must know before you turn 30. I am nearing my 3rd decade in this world and I have been finding myself agreeing to most of what was written on this article and I want to share this good read with you tonight – just a great article to read before going to bed or even to start the day with.

This article is from the website www.lifehack.org and the author really did an amazing job on this article. Something timeless, something I can always read and reflect on. Here are some of the highlights of the article that I want to share with you on my blog.

“18. Do not look for validation from others for doing the right thing.

Many times in life I have had to go against the status quo in order to right a wrong. I was dumbfounded when I got hit in the face with anger, back stabbing and outright threats. It is not pretty but you always have to do what your consciences tells you to do.

21. The people in your life are the most important thing there is.

Back in 1989, we had an earthquake here in California and it was devastating. When the shaking stopped there was an eerie calm broken only by the sounds of a woman screaming. She screamed for minutes and finally stopped. Once I realized that I was not injured, my first thought was for my neighbors and when I found that they were okay I called everyone I knew. In fact, everyone was calling everyone they knew and the phones were down. The lesson from this is that when disaster strikes, you don’t give a flying hoot in Hell about your possessions. All you care about is the people you love.

24. Your enemies will expect attacks but will never expect compassion.

Weirdly, the opposite of what your instincts tell you to do in situations where you are under attack is generally correct. There will be occasions where you will have to act and harm another person if that person needs to be stopped for the good of everyone, but most times compassion and communication will succeed where force does not. Swallowing your anger and making an attempt to communicate and iron things out is effective many times. Even when it is not, it reveals the strength in you. It takes strength to be the better man or woman in a conflict. This makes you a formidable power.”

To read more about 25 Things You Must Know the Time You Turn 30 click HERE.

Thanks for reading!

Happy weekend everyone!



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I love Beauty Pageants! That’s a fun fact! I mean who wouldn’t aspire to be one? Be like a Barbie and at the same time rein as a Queen! Not to mention to be the fairest of them all! And I love our Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! She is one fine and classy lady and since she had won, I have been following her around via social media and here are the 5 things I have learned about being 
confidently beautiful with a heart.


1.       SMIZE (Smile with your Eyes)

Don’t you just love how big and expressive Ms. Universe Pia’s eyes are? Aside from the help of beautifully curled thick and long lashes, her eyes look so fierce every time she smize! Despite of countless TV guesting since she had won, her eyes remained enchanting and bewitching!

To imitate her beautiful expressive eyes, allot extra time curling your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of your favourite volumizing mascara. Don’t forget your lower lashes and apply nude eyeliner on your lower lash line too. These are fool-proof way on how to open up your eyes.

2.       Play with your Hair

Stay away from boring hairstyles. Try to play around with your hair once in a while and you’ll be surprised one day on how different you’ll look with just a matter of minutes.
Pia has had her hair straight, curled, pony tail, low and high buns and many more and still able to present herself confidently beautiful every time!


3.       Make Neutral Tones your Best Friend

Pia loves her neutrals so much. I barely see her wearing too bold colors except on special photo shoots, and that’s something so classy about her.

4.       Be Young At Heart

Pia is the second to the oldest being crowned as Miss Universe in history and even though she isn’t that old yet in reality, I can still see the child in her whenever she gets to try something new, like being able to talk to her idols and doing things for the first time.

This, I think is the secret to keep our aura positive and attract more beautiful things to happen in our life.


5.       Never Give Up

Failures didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. She didn’t give up and just stayed focus on what she really wanted to achieve. Because of this determination, she is now enjoying the fruits of all her labor and got even more than she has ever imagined. I really want to keep this to myself and  set her as my everyday reminder that if you believe in yourself that you can do great things it will happen in God’s perfect timing.


Thank you for reading!

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I tried on making some sweets again for myself, family and loved ones. I have been making Tiramisu for the family for more than years now and I want to elevate my skills. Lol! Then I saw this really good tutorial on Facebook on how to make No-Bake Strawberry Tart and I was inspired to give it a try and give it my own twist.

I have yet to buy an oven at home so I can bake more sweets and cakes but for now, I am eager to try a variety of no-bake treats for my family.

I am pretty happy with the outcome on this experiment and I can’t wait to share to you guys the recipe.

To start of your No-Bake Strawberry Tart, you will need the following:

1. All Purpose Cream
2.  Condensed Milk
3. Crashed Graham
4. Butter
5.  Strawberry


Keep your All Purpose Creams in the chiller overnight to achieve an ice-cream like consistency.


Melt butter in a pan. Take about ¼ of butter.


Mix in your crashed graham with butter. Mix until you get this kind of consistency.


Lay the graham on to the pan and mould it according to the shape of your container. Make the layer thicker according to your liking.


Keep the graham layer in the refrigerator for the mean time to let it harden and start working on your cream.

Mix the All Purpose cream and Condensed milk very well. Mix it thoroughly until you don’t see any bubbles or solid creams in the mixture anymore.


Pour in the cream to the graham layer and flatten the top.


Slice the strawberries and start decorating your Strawberry Tart.


Let it cool in the chiller or freezer overnight then ENJOY!

I wasn’t able to let mine cool overnight so the base wasn’t so hard yet but next time I will be sure to do this overnight.

My family especially my nephew and Pagibig loved my No-Bake Strawberry Tart creation! I am so glad they did and I can’t wait to make more sweets for them soon!

Have you tried No-Bake recipes before?

What‘s your favourite?

Thank you for reading?

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I was on a hunt for a very effective hair dye last week because my hair was just getting so dull and my dark roots were inches long already. So I have found a review on this PALTY Hair Color and was immediately sold by how the results turned out for the blogger. So the next day, I dropped by Watsons and purchased one for myself. Now, let me give you my thoughts about this PALTY Hair Color on this review and see if I liked it.

PALTY Hair Color I believe is made from China and has 10 hair dye colors to choose from. I bought the shade Custard Beige and if I may describe it, it is a softer golden blonde shade perfect for light to medium skin tone.

Palty Hair Color is a foaming hair dye that claims to beautifully dye hair into a sparking princess hair color. Hence, the dainty looking princess with beautiful vibrant hair color as their model in their packaging. It also claims to fully color your hair, has a refreshing fruity floral fragrance and it leaves hair shiny and smooth.

I bought mine in Watsons for 499 php. This is by far the most expensive hair dye I have tried on. Last year I did a review on a cheap hair dye from Horteleza so if you haven’t read it click HERE.

If you can tell, I am very stingy when it comes to hair dyes just because I know that I can find affordable ones that work the same. If you go to Horteleza, you’ll understand what I mean.

What I like about PALTY HAIR COLOR

It comes in a very cute packaging.

The products in the box are all you need to color your hair. You’ll get gloves, mixing cup, mixing spatula, hair dye, oxidant, and instruction materials. Very convenient.

The idea of bubble hair dye or foaming hair dye is so genius because it reduces the tendencies of coloring your clothes during the process because it is lightweight and airy unlike traditional hair dyes that are in a cream form, heavy and very liquidy.

The application is very easy as well. You just need to lather the product on your hair no need for combs. It is just like you shampooing your hair.

At first the smell was amazing. It doesn’t smell like chemicals.

It also didn’t hurt my scalp just as much.

It also applied evenly.

What I didn’t like about PALTY HAIR COLOR

I think it needed more than an hour to really set in and let the color appear because the end result of what I got was a bit disappointing. I was expecting somewhere near the 2nd shade on the box but it was deeper than what I expected.

My hair color looked a lot even now but I am not happy with the color pay off. This is something I regret buying this month. Like what I mentioned earlier, I can get more affordable hair color in the market that can perform far better than this 499php hair dye. I won’t be repurchasing this and won’t even bother recommending this to you guys.

It left my hair drier too.



Have you tried PALTY HAIR COLOR?

Thank you for reading!

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