The Best of Tagaytay 2015

Hello Awesome Readers~

Don't you just love the weather in the Philippines today? It's getting cooler and cooler as time progress and it just gets harder and harder to wake up and take a bath in the mornings. Personally, I am not a big fan of super cold weather, but the weather nowadays in the Metro is tolerable I must say, that's why I still enjoy it.

Just recently, my family and I went out on an out of town bonding with my sister just before she goes back to Dubai. We went to the nearest tourist spot that I've been a big fan of, Tagaytay, since we didn't want to spend more time in the road and less time for the adventure. I've visited Tagaytay, 2-3 times already and I still cannot help it but fall in love with the city over and over again. Tagaytay has it's amazing ambiance that is really unique and the view is just so breath-taking.

We visited three tourists spots while we were there. First stop was The Picnic Grove. This is the most popular spot in Tagaytay and I must say one of the places you should visit if you have any plans of visiting Tagaytay for the first time. The Picnic Grove is a perfect place for family bonding, picnics of course and nature tripping. The Picnic Grove is such a big place to explore with the breath-taking Taal Volcano backdrop to enjoy.

 I super love the pine trees~

 This is the hanging bridge in The Picnic Grove.

 It was such a windy day don't you think?

Family pic~

The Royal Family. The Princess Sarah Peg :)

 It's time to eat!!! 

A little reminder though, The Picnic Grove is not friendly for elders for exploring the entire place will require a lot of foot work, trekking and climbing stairs, so if you'll bring your lolo's and lola's with you make sure you'll have designated a place where you can let them rest while enjoying the view.

The Picnic Grove entrance is for 50php per head and parking fees ranges from 50-100php depending on the type of car you'll be bringing. You can also enjoy different attractions in The Picnic Grove with your friends or family. They have Zipline and Cable Cars. Prices ranges from 200-400 php depending on the season and the day. They also have Horse back Riding for 350php good for 1 hour.

The Picnic Grove also has a lot of stores for souvenirs for your family and friends back home so you need not to worry about it.

Then we visited the Puzzle Mansion. It houses the largest collection of puzzles all over the world. It was part of Guinness Book of Records. You can see all sorts of puzzles from regular ones to jigsaw wooden puzzles to 3D puzzles. All were created by one man and was displayed here in Tagaytay Puzzle Mansion.

The entrance is 100php per head. Quite stiff I must say, and if you are really not into these kinds of things, then I suggest don't go for it. The place is also really hard to find plus the street leading to it is narrow and steep.

Though it was quite not recommendable, I was happy to see Eiffel Tower puzzle pieces and a wishing well cause you don't see wishing wells anywhere. Lol!

 The record holder puzzle! The largest puzzle ever completed in the world!

 My wish granted!

Last stop was Sky Ranch. This is the newly build tourist attraction at Tagaytay and this is their amusement park. It houses the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country which is the Sky Eye. Sky Ranch is super beautiful. The place is picturesque. I just can't get enough pictures from this place.

Sky Ranch entrance fee is 100php per head and rides prices ranges from 50-150php. Sky Eye is the most expensive ride 150php.

We spent the entire last few hours of our day trip in Sky Ranch and I must say this was one of the best family bonding we had. The place was beautiful, temperature is tolerable although I must say that towards the afternoon it was getting colder and colder, and my sister was with us!

I can't wait for another family bonding soon. It might be a summer getaway so I'll keep you guys posted for any travel blog posts. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful week ahead of you guys.

Till next post!


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