Ilocos Norte Tour: Day 1

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It has been awhile and yes, I've been caught up with so much stuffs a lot lately and I missed talking with you on a regular basis. I missed blogging and communicating with you guys.

Well, enough missing, it's time to get back on track on my blogging habit and share some wonderful stuffs I have been busy doing lately.

Summer is just around the corner again and I can't wait to hit the beach and get my summer activities ready. What better way to start the summer is to go on a vacation like you've never done before. Just recently, I had the longest and the best holiday weekend I've ever had for so long. I visited Ilocos Norte and was able to check a lot of my bucket list places to visit before I die. I am just so thrilled to be sharing this to you!

I booked a trip to Ilocos Norte together with my Pag-ibig and friends early last month for a 3 day and 2 night stay all over Ilocos. I was able to find a really amazing Travels and Tours company that made this trip happen. Q10 Budget Travels and Tours actually was the first among three other options I had to reply and give immediate quotation for my inquiries. I really had no problems contacting and updating with them. Plus the tour itself was really good, given the fact that there will always be some glitches here and there but overall my experience with them was just so amazing! If you have any inquiries about Q10 Budget Travels and Tours just go to their website HERE.

Now back to the trip, Ilocos Norte houses numerous tourist spots not only man-made but also created by nature. I was amazed on how much beauty you can find in Ilocos Norte that just having three day stay wouldn't be enough. Pictures couldn't justify how much beauty there is in Ilocos. I really tried my very best to capture each and every location we visited for you guys to see and enjoy. My Ilocos Norte tour post will be divided in three segments according to how many days I stayed in Ilocos Norte.

Day 1: Laoag City and Pagudpud Tour
Bacarra Leaning Tower
Museo De Bacarra
Burgos Light House
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Bangui Windmill
Patapat Viaduct
Bantay Abot Cave
Pagudpud Blue Lagoon

We arrived few hours early at Laoag so we visited some places not included in Day 1 itinerary like visiting Ilocos Norte Capitol and the Sinking Bell tower.

They gave us free neck pillows :) Here's a picture of us on our way to Ilocos at 9:30 PM.

My tour mates weren't able to check the Sinking Bell Tower due to some misunderstanding with the tour guide. Too bad.

Bacarra Leaning Tower  

Museo De Bacarra

Burgos Light House is one of the creepiest Light House in Ilocos Norte. There are a lot of ghost stories surrounding this light house. It was so beautiful during the day but never attempt to visit at night. A friendly advice from our tour guide. 

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is such an amazing place! You should never miss visiting this place when in Ilocos. It feels like you are in a different country once you see this place. One of my favorites I must say!

Bangui Windmill is another one of my favorites. It makes me feel proud knowing that Bangui Windmills farm is the first windmill farm in Asia!

Patapat Viaduct 

Bantay Abot Cave

Pagudpud Blue Lagoon is a world class beach resort. Pagudpud had fine white beach and pristine blue waters! 

After all these jam-packed activities for Day 1,  we stayed at Sabrina's Beach Home for the night and had our breakfast there as well. 

Here are some tips if you have plans traveling up north.
1. Get yourself a really good Travels and Tours company that will take care of you and all the places you can visit in Ilocos Norte.
2. Research on the places to visit before the tour for you to have a clear idea on what to do and expect on the said place. 
3. Plan ahead of time. Make a check list of all the things you'll be needing for the trip including what clothes to bring and wear for the tour and what snacks to bring while traveling.
4. Save money. You'll be needing a lot since you'll be staying out of town for quite some time so you need back up for emergency cases.

Read Day 2 HERE

Till next trip!



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