Ilocos Norte Tour: Day 3

Hello Awesome Readers!~

My Ilocos Norte tour isn't over yet and here's the third and last day of our tour. But before browsing through do not forget to check out Day 1 and Day 2 of my Ilocos Norte trip.

For the final day, we finally visited Vigan and witness history structures I have only seen on TV and on pictures. Although Vigan has already progressed and have become modern, most parts of it though have remained the same and are still being well preserved. Vigan houses the infamous Calle Crisologo where you can literally travel back in time and see the how the people hundreds of years ago have lived in Ilocos Norte. You can see stone structured houses, capiz made windows and old form of transportation which is what we call Calesa. Calesa was once the main mode of transformation in the Philippines. Horses carry carts that transports people from one place to another.

Aside from Calle Crisologo, which was the highlight of this last day tour, we also got to visit Baluarte ni Chavit Singson which houses few number of wild animals being taken care of Chavit Singson, a well-known politician here in the Philippines. 

Before finally heading back to the Metro, you have to try this Ilocos Norte specialty which is their infamous Empanada. It is made of various vegetables and egg. It has such a unique taste.

Touring Ilocos Norte for 3 days was one of the best decisions I have made to start my year right. Ilocos Norte is such a wonderful place to see and it has a very rich culture that ManileƱos must see! It was the best 3000 pesos I have ever spent for a vacation. I highly recommend you guys to go and check out Ilocos Norte soon and see for yourself what I mean by the BEST.

Till next travel you guys!


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joanne :) said...

hi.. good evening.. I have read your Ilocos Tour and it made me think of a lot of questions. I also booked a tour at Q10 travel and tours co, and our adventure will be next week already. I wonder if there is a difference between the itinerary they sent us during the reservation and the ones that will be given during the tour? because the places you wrote in here are too limited than the ones they have in the itinerary.. thanks,,, ^^

Arrienne said...

Hi Joanne!~ I just picked some of my favorite spots for my blog. But don't worry, almost everything included in your itinerary will be visited :)

Q10 Budget Travel and Tours said...

On behalf of Q10 Budget Travel and Tours management, we were very happy that you and your friends chose us and entrusted us your well-deserved summer vacation.

To see you and your friends happily embarked on this Ilocos tour and made us a part of every minute it, was more than enough for us to be thankful for.

The pictures you and your friends took are outstanding btw! We certainly hope that more people will give Ilocos a second look for their next adventure as Ilocos offers more destinations and attractions unlike any other.

Til next travel! :)