Summer Haul 2015

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Have you done any Summer shopping lately? I do! There are a lot of great products and finds during summer that you really have to check out. In this post I will be sharing some beauty, makeup and fashion related items I have accumulated over the past few weeks. Most of these items are really affordable and are available locally so you can also try it and see it for yourself. But don't worry, I will be providing in depth reviews on most of these items to help you guys even further when shopping makeup specifically anytime of this year.


I am such a believer of Vaseline lotion products that's why I always have to have them during summer. Vaseline lotions have high SPF and vitamins great for your skin. I just recently discovered they also have Vaseline Serum lotions too. So I got one and I am loving it. Got mine at Fisher Mall here in Q.C.


I got a new eyebrow product holy grail and that is L.A. Girl Gel Liner in Brown. It was such a heaven sent and I have been using it over the past weeks and I just can't get enough of it! It was for only 250php. DEAL!

Then I also got an L.A. Girl PRO Concealer in shade 2 and it was another great find in this brand. Review and demo coming up on my Youtube channel. I'll let you know guys!

I also picked up NYX Wonder Pencil in Dark because I have read and heard so much good reviews about it and they are all right! Such a Wonder Pencil indeed.

I got some new lippies from Color Collection as well under their Matte lipstick collection and they are already part of my go-to lippies since I got to try them. You'll see how amazing these lippies in the upcoming review!


I got some new summer shades and specs. I bought my go-to summer shades from Sunnies and it was such a beautiful cut eye shaped shades that compliments my face shape well. Then my new specs was from a tiangge in Farmers, it was an oversized round glasses that was popularized by Koreans and I am just so glad I have it for fashion sake. I really get a lot of compliments when I wear it!

To see my complete Summer Haul, watch the video below I have made for you guys. And I'll see you all on my next post! Off I go!


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