Eyebrow Tutorial using L.A. Girl Gel Liner

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Eyebrows can make or break one's look. It frames the eyes and makes it even more expressive. I love shaping and filling my eyebrows and this is one step of my makeup routine that I am not willing to skip.

For quite some time now, I have been using an eyeshadow to fill in my brows and reshape it, which I love the result by the way but it's just that eyeshadow used as an eyebrow product doesn't really holds the hair and lasts that long. So looking for an alternative and new ways to groom my eyebrows was the name of the game. Till finally I found the product that will suit all my needs.

L.A. Girl Gel Liner is the answer! This is an unexpected product to be honest with you because this is a Gel Liner made for eyes not the eyebrows. Finding that it will work for my brows was just an experiment and boy! I am glad I did that! It is such an amazing product that holds my eyebrows in place and creates the most precise and sharp lines yet you still can make it subtle if you want to just by blending the Gel Liner well and in no time you have well-groomed eyebrows! Best part of it? It perfectly matches my hair color!



So here's a step-by-step video tutorial on how I use L.A, Girl Gel Liner in Brown as an eyebrow product. I really hope you enjoy watching and tell me what you think in the comment section below.

How about you, what is your current eyebrow product favorite?
Let me know!


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