First Impressions: Missha BB Cream, Prism Powder Pact and Glam Pearl Lip Gloss

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Are you a fan of Korean cosmetics? Or are you one of those who are really interested to buy one but needs further assurance of its quality and effectiveness? Then, this First Impressions post is just for you!

Today, we will be focusing on Missha products. Does it ring a bell? Yeah, it's pretty popular among Korean cosmetics line out there so I better share what I have to say and what I think about it the first time I swatched it and applied it.

What is Missha?

According to, Missha is a South-Korea based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer. They have wide range of makeup, skincare, body and hair products.

Missha is very known for it's BB Cream makeup line. And the most popular one is the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blesmishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevent skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.

It has SPF 42/PA +++. The shade I got is No. 23. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream 50ml is around  1600php in the market.

The price is pretty steep I must say and I know that this is not something that you can just simple spend your hard earned money on. The question is, how great does this product lives up to its promises? Let's break it down shall we?

The packaging is really convenient! The tube with a pump turned upside down is just so genius.
The smell is AMAZING!
The texture is really smooth and blends easily.
No. 23 amazingly matches my skin tone.
Covers blemishes well.
Doesn't cake nor leave funny white cast on pictures even with flash.
Does stays on decently over 12 hours.

Does leaves skin oily.
Has a tendency to cake up.

Healing claim on blemishes is yet to be tested out. I just had a really big zit on my cheek so let's see how this can heal it.

Overall, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is such a surprising BB Cream for me. I do have speculations that this will really make me look super oily and greasy and ugly under Philippines humidity but it didn't. I am quite impressed with the coverage and the SPF of this BB Cream. I am looking forward to see how my skin will differ in 3-4 week usage. I'll let you guys know.

Now, time to try out Missha M Prism Glow Powder Pact.

Missha M Prism Glow Powder Pact has jewel complex powder that scatters light to cover skin flaws clearly and crystal blue pearl powder offers radiance to skin.

It has SPF 36/ PA ++. The shade I got is in No. 23 as well. Missha M Prism Glow Powder Pact is around 1500php in the market.

Another steep price for a powder pact. Let's see how I'll like it.

Packaging is so classy. Looks expensive.
Secures the product really well with plastic lid.
Mirror is really big!
Heavenly soft texture.
Has medium to heavy coverage for a powder pact.
Lasts long.

I still get oily on my T-zones.
Has a tendency to cake up so do not attempt to pact on this too much.

Overall, Missha M Prism Glow Powder Pact is a fairly good product. It does it's job quite well but it really doesn't offer anything special.

Lastly, here's Missha The Style Glam Pearl Gloss.

Missha The Style Glam Pearl Gloss features brush type applicator with glitters and shiny pearls.

I got the shade PK102. I can't find the price of this lip gloss in our market. So sorry about that.

Here's what I have to say.

Simple packaging.
Brush applicator is a plus at first.
Really plumps the lips after application.
Smells good.
Good consistency.
Really like the glitters.

Brush applicator tends to get stiff.
Poor color pay off.

Overall, Missha The Style Glam Pearl Gloss is for me an average lip gloss in the market. Aside from the glitters that actually transfers on your lips upon application, there's nothing else special about it. But it is decent for a lip gloss.

Don't forget to watch my full review here plus demo on how I used the products and before and after looks of it.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you all again on my next post!


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Anonymous said...

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xiao said...

where you buy the bb cream?

Arrienne said...

Hi @xiao these were actually gifted. But you can buy BB creams like this in any SM malls. :)

xiao said...

ahh i got it, I bought missha bb cream online, and i dont know if its genuine or not, its the same like yours, it's written spf 42/pa+++
i bought the same missha bb cream from counter before i bought online and its written different its no "/" there so i doubt my bb cream genuiness