Our New Youtube HOME!!!

Hello Awesome Readers!!!

I have a really big announcement to make! We have found a new home in Youtube and I am very glad to share this to you guys for you guys have been my constant source of motivations and inspirations. From our previous channel Mineeh11 we will be having a brand new home/channel that will be a part of a bigger and brighter family, Viva family. They are creating a whole new community in Youtube that will cater great Filipino talent in Youtube and will be under one umbrella which is called Oomph TV. Our new channel will be part of it together with some really amazing channels of great talents of Viva and Youtube creators as well like Marcelo SantosIII and Donnalyn Bartolome to name a few. 

I am so ecstatic to share to you our newest channel name and it was actually derived from my second name  Laureen's Guide to Beauty!!! You will be witnessing more beauty tips and makeup tricks that you'll enjoy but ultimately learn from. I am really hoping you'll check our new channel out, subscribe and help me spread the word by simply sharing the links to your friends! But don't get me wrong guys, Mineeh11 channel will still be around, I will still maintain that channel but this time around I will be focusing more on our new channel Laureen's Guide to Beauty

Here's our channel link and hope to see you there! Some of my recent uploaded videos were uploaded here for you guys so enjoy!!! HERE

Again, don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE on Laureen's Guide to Beauty!!! 

See you there!!! :)


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