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Lately, I've been loving online shopping! I have been enjoying the stress free type of shopping nowadays that I am in the mood to share to you my experience in Zalora. I've been ordering from Zalora since late last year and I can say that I have only been disappointed ones and it's not even their fault, it was when I actually ordered shoes and it was a 2 size bigger. I had a mistake looking at the size chart for international sizes and ended returning the item and asked for refund via wallet credit.

Since then, I had a slight hesitation to order shoes from Zalora, not until I found a new shoe fave from So Fab that really made me think twice. But before you hit that order button from Zalora, here are my tips on how you can save yourself from the hassle of returning items purchased.

1. This is the most important tip I want to share with you. When you are looking for the size chart and really has no idea what country size to choose from, go for US size chart and go a size smaller than your actual size is. Again this is only applicable for shoe sizes.

My shoe size runs from 5 to 6 here in the Philippines and just when I thought that US sizes are almost similar with ours, I chose US size 6 then was so disappointed to see that it was actually a size bigger. So the next time, I ordered US size 4 and got the size I wanted! Finally!

2. Don't keep your hopes up especially when the item you want under shoe department is on sale. Most probably, it doesn't have your size anymore. Better to check the sizes available first before getting too excited in placing an order.

3. Read the description of the items well. The  product descriptions are there for one main purpose - that is to keep buyers aware of the materials used, dimension etc. so that you won't be surprised when it finally arrived in your doorsteps.

Here's my most recent purchase, So Fab Jessy Flats. They are just so amazing! These are rose gold duo chrome strappy flats that is perfect for everyday look and for summer as well! It feels so comfortable and the straps feel so soft against my skin. I never got any blister from these! I got mine for only 999 php! ^^

Here's the link to see these flats online HERE

Have you tried ordering from Zalora?

What do you think about these flats? Aren't they adorable?

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