5 Things Pia Wurtzbach Taught Me

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I love Beauty Pageants! That’s a fun fact! I mean who wouldn’t aspire to be one? Be like a Barbie and at the same time rein as a Queen! Not to mention to be the fairest of them all! And I love our Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach! She is one fine and classy lady and since she had won, I have been following her around via social media and here are the 5 things I have learned about being 
confidently beautiful with a heart.


1.       SMIZE (Smile with your Eyes)

Don’t you just love how big and expressive Ms. Universe Pia’s eyes are? Aside from the help of beautifully curled thick and long lashes, her eyes look so fierce every time she smize! Despite of countless TV guesting since she had won, her eyes remained enchanting and bewitching!

To imitate her beautiful expressive eyes, allot extra time curling your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of your favourite volumizing mascara. Don’t forget your lower lashes and apply nude eyeliner on your lower lash line too. These are fool-proof way on how to open up your eyes.

2.       Play with your Hair

Stay away from boring hairstyles. Try to play around with your hair once in a while and you’ll be surprised one day on how different you’ll look with just a matter of minutes.
Pia has had her hair straight, curled, pony tail, low and high buns and many more and still able to present herself confidently beautiful every time!


3.       Make Neutral Tones your Best Friend

Pia loves her neutrals so much. I barely see her wearing too bold colors except on special photo shoots, and that’s something so classy about her.

4.       Be Young At Heart

Pia is the second to the oldest being crowned as Miss Universe in history and even though she isn’t that old yet in reality, I can still see the child in her whenever she gets to try something new, like being able to talk to her idols and doing things for the first time.

This, I think is the secret to keep our aura positive and attract more beautiful things to happen in our life.


5.       Never Give Up

Failures didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. She didn’t give up and just stayed focus on what she really wanted to achieve. Because of this determination, she is now enjoying the fruits of all her labor and got even more than she has ever imagined. I really want to keep this to myself and  set her as my everyday reminder that if you believe in yourself that you can do great things it will happen in God’s perfect timing.


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