Makeup Spotlight: Mikyajy - My Dream Makeup Set!

Hello Awesome Readers~

One of my dreams came to reality early this year when I received a very special gift from my sister as her late birthday present and Christmas present for me. I am super ecstatic to share this to you guys! I've loved makeup for such a long time now and I am just so happy to be seeing my makeup collection getting bigger and getting a lot better than it was before. I know too much of anything is really not good but this for me makeup is an exemption. I do give some of my preloved makeup away to my beloved cousins and that's how I make sure that I don't just waste them.

This wonderful makeup set I will be sharing with you is from the makeup brand from the Middle East Mikyajy.

What is Mikyajy?

According to their Facebook page, I quote "Mikyajy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East. Launched in 1999, today we have more than 200 stores across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Libya. Mikyajy Brand Highlights include the fact that we were ranked 29th in the Forbes Arabia Top 40 Arab Brands; an incredible achievement for a brand that was born just over 10 years ago!"

This makeup brand houses tons and tons of beauty products raging from makeup palettes to perfumery and many more. It is like a beauty haven for beauty enthusiast like me! If will check their website out you will understand what I mean. Here's the link! Mikyajy Website Mikyajy Facebook.

Now on to the product! I have here their Pretty Pink Makeup Set which is my dream makeup set ever! I've been wanting to buy myself a makeup traincase with build in lights and this one, although not the big Hollywood Vanity lights yet, really made my jaw drop! The amount of products that were included in this makeup set is just so unbelievable!

I love how everything was protected and sealed once you open the traincase.

This Pretty in Pink Mikyajy Makeup set contains 20 eyeshadows (matte and shimmery ones), 4 blushes, 2 powder foundation, 12 lipsticks (matte, satin finish and metalic), 6 lipglosses, 6 nail polishes, 3 lip liners, 2 brow pencils (black and brown), 2 duo ended eyeliner and mascara (black and violet), 5 makeup tools, a mirror and vanity lights.

Let's take a closer look. 

Let's start with the nail polishes. I will do a separate post about these nail polishes just so I can swatch them all for you! I love colors from the tube, all about Pink! This is Pretty in Pink Makeup Set indeed!

Lip glosses are very very shimmery and shiny! They all have micro-glitters in them and they are quite pigmented! The clear lipgloss is definitely a terrific surprise! I can use this on top of almost any lipsticks.

Here's my favorite! The adorable lipsticks!!! I love how pigmented these lipsticks are! They also included a fair share of matte, satin finish and metallic finish lipsticks for almost any occasion. I am super excited to use the dark tone ones and create lots of looks for you!

Time for the eyeshadows! These are highly pigmented eyeshadows although some of it tends to be a little bit chalky, I can still consider these eyeshadows one of the highly pigmented shadows I own. I how metallic and shimmery the other shadows are and also I love how they included a really matte black great for any looks! I can't wait to play around with these babies!

Blushes are also amazing! I cannot say enough of this makeup set!

The powder foundations included are a little bit white for my skin tone but I am so gonna use this to my other fair toned clients! Still very useful!

These are the lip pencils and eye pencils included in this makeup set! The pigmentation is awesome as well! The black one is such a kill! I haven't really owned a lot of lip pencils so I am very happy to be able to get a hold of these!

And these double ended eyeliner and mascara is also very very nice! I am so surprised to be seeing this purple liner and mascara in this makeup set! Such a wonderful surprise!! :)

The makeup tools however are not useful, but I will still keep them there cause they fit in there perfectly!

Here comes the best part of these makeup set! The lights!! :) So cool right? ^_^

I am so glad to be having this makeup traincase full of makeup items with great quality! I wish we have Mikyajy store here in the Philippines as so we can explore of more about this makeup brand and other things they can offer! If you are interested, go ahead and check the links I linked above about this makeup brand and hope to hear from you guys more!

One more thing! You can also detach it so you can put back the clear plastic to keep everything in place of you can put another makeup items at the bottom to maximize space!

Till Part 2! 


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jully ann said...

very nice bhe!!!

Kristine Roces said...

<3 it! I only wish your sister told you the price so readers would have an idea how much this set costs. :)

Arrienne said...

Thanks Ms. Jully! ^_^

Arrienne said...

Hi tine! I actually asked her it but since it was her gift she refused to tell me how much. :(

Anonymous said...

Very nice