How to: Apply Falsies Like a Pro

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Let’s talk about eye lashes. Do you admire people who were born with naturally long and curled lashes? Well, I do! I do have long eye lashes I must say, but the problem is, it is really stubborn straight lashes. I really have a hard time making my curls last for the entire day without retouching. I thought it was hopeless, not until I decided to give this makeup trend a try.

I thought putting fake lashes on will make you look so flamboyant and over kill. Little did I know that there are specially designed fake lashes that appears natural even for a day time look. And if you are just like me who really aims for a look so natural people will not notice and tease then here are two set of eye lashes I can recommend to you prior to this tutorial. These are the Etude House Falsies and they are really really amazing! I'll make a separate review of these babies pretty soon so please watch out for that. 

Now, on to the tutorial. If you are having some difficulties wearing falsies on, here are some steps that might work for you!


Curl your lashes and put on mascara.


Get the fake lashes ready while you wait for your mascara to dry.

If needed cut the lashes to fit your eye size. Then attach the eye lash glue gently on the falsies strip. Wait for few seconds and you are good to go!


Gently place on top of your eye lashes but make sure to keep it as close to the lash line as possible.
Hold in place for few seconds until it finally stick right where you want it to!

That's it! I hope putting your falsies will be a breeze for you next time! :)

Oh by the way, to remove it just simply peel it off then place it back on your eyelash container. You can definitely reuse your eyelashes but make sure to remove the sticky glue on the strip by using makeup remover to avoid making it look so thick or kapal.

If you want to see how I did it, watch the video below! It will be a lot easier, I promise!

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