Elite Contact Lenses Review

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How's your week so far? Hope you are all having a good time.

Today, I will be sharing these new pairs of contact lenses I got just today in preparation for my Valentine Beauty Look Series! I am so excited to share three different looks with you guys great for your Valentine events. We will get to that very very soon but for now, let's get back to these awesome lenses I got from ELITE CONTACT LENS. Just a disclaimer, I didn't get these free and I am in no way sponsored by Elite Contact Lens to give this review for you! This is just my honest opinion overall of their product and services.

Late last year, I decided to try wearing contact lenses because I really adore the effect it gives when you wear one like when I see magazine models and even my friends who wear contact lenses regularly. Honestly, I am very much afraid to wear contacts on my own but I am glad that I was able to put it on without anyone's aid though it took me 20 minutes just to get it all done. I know, it's really such a shame experience but I am glad that I was able to cross that out on my bucket list of things to do before I die.*good job! Big pat on the back*

 Now, here are my three new pairs of contact lenses bought from Elite Contact Lens online store. They were actually having a major sale this time so I was able to score 3 new pairs for only 1000 php. 

Their contact lenses costs 400php each with freebies like the contact lense case and solution. They do offer a wide range of contact lense designs and for sure you will keep on coming back for more.

I decided to get their Aiko Doll Super Dolly Contact Lenses in Brown, Blue and Pink. Here is what they look like!

They all came in a vial and they are all properly packed and sealed. These Aiko Doll Super Dolly contact lenses are good for 1 year and they are all in 15mm. It is my firt time to be trying 15mm contact lenses and i must say they are really big for me already!

Today, I decided to wear Aiko Doll Super Dolly Contact Lense in Brown and I am really happy with how it made my eyes look more expressive. I guess Aiko Doll's perfect design made my eyes look glistening when lights hit them. It really is super beautiful and made my eyes look rounder and more like a doll! I love it!

Now let me share with you the smooth transaction I had with EliteContact Lenses. They are prompt when it comes to replying and answering buyers questions and concerns. Elite Contact Lenses people are also very polite when it comes to talking to their clients. And for that I am super happy that I chose to buy here rather than any contact lenses suppliers out there. I really didn't have any problems coomunicating with them and I will definitely come back for more. So strongly suggest Elite Contact Lenses store if ever you want to purchase any contact lenses in the future. :)

I will be posting more reviews of the other contact lenses I bought in the future. So keep coming back for more!

Till next post!


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contact lenses for sale said...

your eyes is awesome!

Arrienne said...

Thanks for appreciating!! <3

Anonymous said...

hi! do you have a photo wearing the aiko doll pink? :D

Anonymous said...

what does super aiko pink look like? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'd like to purchase to Elite Contact lens. Can you provide me their contact number? Thank you in advance.

Arrienne said...

Hi~ You can find it on their FB Page just key in Elite Contact Lens you'll be able to find it easily~ ^^ Thankie!

Arrienne said...

Yes I do have a look using the Aiko Doll Pink lenses. See it here:

Anonymous said...

do you have any picture of the aiko doll blue :) <3 thanks in advance

Ria Edrosolan said...

Very nice review, super helpful! keep it coming :)