Camaya Sands Bataan with Family

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Last March was a very special month for my family. It was my beloved nephew's Moving Up and also his birth month. We normally have family outings during this time of the year to celebrate so many reasons. Not to mention the perfect weather and season! We went to Ocean Adventure in Subic last year and if you want to read more on that just click HERE.

This year I booked my family on a trip to the Little Boracay of Bataan, Camaya Sands. Thanks to my Nephew's parents (my sister and her husband) and Mama for the sponsored trip, we were able to avail the Camaya Sands Bataan deal in Metrodeal for only 1399php for a day tour with bus transfers from Manila-Bataan-Manila and free lunch.

Camaya Sands is a very beautiful place and almost luxurious because of the beautiful facilities and also a breath-taking landscape. You can either swim in the beach or swimming pool if you want to. The beach has white sand and the pool has this infinity design. They have beach benches all around the seashore for guests to use for free. In fact, they have a lot of beautiful benches and outdoor sofas with umbrella around the resort for the guests to use. They also have a bar and restaurant along the seashore. The showers and the rest rooms were also very clean and organized.

What I love about our Camaya Sands experience is how beautiful their facilities and amenities. Their shower rooms have lockers where you can out your bags and other things while taking a bath. Their rest rooms where highly ventilated and even has a waiting area. The swimming pool has this beautiful rounded design with elevation. The beach has minimal waves very friendly for non-swimmer like me and also for kids. The water was clear you can even see some fish swimming under. The place was clean and really accommodating.

What I didn't like that much in Camaya is that there are some tiny under the sea creature that bites underwater. I just don't know what it is. But don't worry it wasn't something serious. The travel by land took us for about 6 hours. It was such a very far place by land. Better to go to Camaya Sands in Bataan by Ferry for it will only take you 1-2 hours max. It was really such a waste of time, Wrong move.

But overall, our family's Camaya Sands in Bataan experience was amazing. If it weren't for the long travel we could have enjoyed even more. Nonetheless, Camaya Sands is worth visiting.

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