Makeup Spotlight: LA COLORS PALETTE

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's a manic Monday for me today. I am very very busy in the office but since I love you I still find time to make a post for you today.

So this post is about LA COLORS palette that I do own for quite a long time now. I saw this post in Earthlinggorgeous, my fellow blogger, blogging about this really cheap but good palettes. You can check her post here.

Since I had this for awhile, and I really want to share my thoughts about this palette, this Makeup Spotlight will be all about it.

If you are in the look for some cheap palette that you can work within your budget and you are still trying to build your own collection of makeup, buying this LA COLORS palettes will be a good start.

What is LA COLORS?

It is an American cosmetic brand that has taken pride in offering the highest quality products at the moste affordable price. LA COLORS has been around for over 25 years. Their products rage form beauty to nail polishes.

Here I have 2 of the palettes of the LA COLORS.

I have here my Wildflower and Tease Palette.

Wildflowers palette has a yellow, orange, pinks and purples in it. Really pretty colors.

While the Tease Palette has a green and blue in it.

Here are some swatches for the WILDFLOWERS Palette.

TEASE Palette:

* The size of the palette is just enough for you to carry around.
* Has really colorful colors to choose from.
* The palette has fare share of satin and shimmery finish eyeshadows.
* It has decent pigmentation considering the cheap price.
* The colors will work well for Filipina skin tone.
*No funky smell.
*SUPER AFFORDABLE! I got mine for only 99 pesos in the American Store in Farmers Cubao.


* The some of the colors are not showing up on my skin like the green color in my Tease Palette.
* I feel like this two palettes look the same except for the 2 colors towards the end.

I will recommend this palette for those who are still starting out collecting makeup. This will be a good palette to work with and for sure you can make a lot of playful looks with this one.

I will give this 3 out of 5 rating!



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Kristine said...

I have this eyeshadow, too. i love it because its cheap and pigmented. however, some shades are powdery and flakey.. :(

Janine M. said...

Wildflower palette is pretteh. :)

Alice said...

great post! I would also like to try this palette out since LA colors is considered a drugstore make up here in the Philippines! :) Much Love!

-- Alice

Aya said...

I just bought my first LA Colors products last week. They're nail polishes, though. I'll check out their other items soon :)

Janet said...

Wow! its really affordable for a 5 color palette.. Thanks for sharing this! ^_~

Arrienne said...

Hi Kristine! You are so right! It doesn't have the best quality but for its price it's not bad :)

Arrienne said...

Yes Janine! I like Wildflowers too!

Arrienne said...

HI alice!

Go ahead! Let me know what you think~

Arrienne said...

Hi Aya! You shouldn't miss it the next time you by LA colors nail polish~

Arrienne said...

Hi Janet! You are right! It's a good palette for its price~