Ilocos Norte Tour: Day 2

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Time for Day 2 of our Ilocos Norte Trip. If you haven't checked out Day 1 please read it HERE. 

Day 2 itinerary made me so excited. Finally, I'll get to experience this amazing Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte was also famous for. So as early as 6am we were set to go out on a new adventure.

Here are the places we visited.

Batac-Paoay-Sarrat-Laoag Tour

Sand dunes
Marcos Ancestral Place
Sta. Monica Church
Marcos Museum and Mausoleum
Malacanang of the North
Paoay Church

Before heading to Sand Dunes, we stopped by at the Pagudpud Welcoming arc to have our pictures taken. You know, you weren't been there if you didn't take any pictures.

Then off to Sand Dunes!!! You wouldn't believe how happy I was to finally see this place! I could literally kiss the sand!!! Sand Dunes offers 4x4 ride for 5 for the amount of 2500php. I know, it's pretty expensive, but you got to believe me, your Sand Dunes experience wouldn't be complete without this. Our driver, gave us one hell of a ride. Almost like a roller coaster ride ala Sand Dunes. I won't ever forget this experience!

It was a perfect scorching weather to have a joy ride in a 4x4 in Sand Dunes when we reached it, so I suggest wear your most comfortable clothes and wear high SPF sunblock, something we weren't able to do, if you don't want to get sun burned.

I also suggest you were close shoes, for the sand is extremely hot and it will definitely toast your feet away, just like what I experienced, when we did the sand surf. Sand surfing was so scary yet so much fun as well. This activity will be included in the package that you paid for when you avail the 4x4 ride for 2500php. I honestly would like to try this over and over again but since, the sand is killing my feet, I only got to try it once. So sad. But I am happy I still did!

After this adventurous tour, we head out to a more relaxing activties like visiting a lot of museums and evern Ferdinand Marcos' Mausoleum. 

Then a visit to Paoay Church. One of the man great churches in Ilocos Norte. I am just so in awe in how beautiful this church is!

That wraps up our Day 2 in Ilocos Norte. It was a fun-filled, roller coaster ride adventure and I can't wait to share with you Day 3 of our wonderful tour to the North. So stay tuned.

Here are some more tips when traveling up North:

1. Pack light. This will not benefit you when you carry your baggage from one place to another, but will also give you more space for pasalubong later on.
2. Plan your clothes well. This is in conjunction with the first tip. Study your itinerary well so you'll know what kind of activities you'll be doing for the day and what type of clothes will be applicable. You don't want to be bringing too much clothes that were unnecessary.
3. Take extra camera batteries with you. You'll  be needing this for back up because the least thing you want to think about is capturing moments like this.
4. Bring your Selfie stick/pod. You know why~ 

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