How to: Winged Eyeliner

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HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all the fathers out there! I had such a simple yet meaningful celebration with my father today. If you happen to check out my Facebook Fan Page you will know. :)

For today, I would like to share to you some beauty related blog post about winging out eyeliners. I often get a lot of questions from my office mates and friends as to how I do my winged eyeliner. Quite honestly, it has never been easy for me as well when I started out applying makeup. It has always been a challenge for me everyday creating that perfect wing. It would usually will take me about 10-15 minutes seriously! So I persevere until I got the hang of it, and now, I can do it with such ease. And I know you can do it too, just follow the easy steps i'll be sharing with you . :)


Let's begin~

Step 1:

Apply your favorite foundation and translucent powder on top of it to set it. Include your eyes to even out skin tone and to hide the veins for those who have very thin lids.

Step 2:

To make wing eyeliner, you'll be needing eyeliner, either liquid or gel, depends on your liking, then slowly create doted lines along your lash line. Go thinly towards the inner corner of your lids, then make it thicker towards the outer corner to create a sexy cat eye liner. Once your finished outlining your eyes, slowly connect the doted lines to make it clean and crisp.


Step 3:

Make the wings by outlining your eyes as closely to the lash line as possible. Then, from the outer corner, create a line towards your eyebrows, following your lower lashes line up to make it natural. Don't extend the line too far, just stop half way between your brows and corner of your eyes. For a more dramatic look, you can make the line thicker and bolder.




When you make mistakes, you can easily remove your eyeliner by dobbing a Q-tip to your makeup remover or by using your moisturizer. Both works the same for me. :)

Then there you have it, your perfect winged eyeliner! So here I am sporting my winged eyeliner~ Try it out guys!



My friend Alice of Photoescape did a similar post about winged eyeliner. She also mentioned about another kind of eyeliner that you might want to try~ Check it out here.

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