Father's Day Special~

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HAPPY SATURDAY! It's another rainy day here in the Philippines. Not my favorite weather at all. :( But it's okay there are still more reasons to be happy today.

Let's talk about FATHER'S DAY~ It is just around the corner and for sure mothers, daughters, and the whole family and already looking for some cool ideas on how to celebrate Father's Day and also what gifts to give the STAR of the DAY - Fathers :) 

Well, let me give you a hand by helping you identify the likes/types of your fathers. I'll be giving out some tips on how you will categorize your fathers in order to give them cool gifts that they will surely love.

So let's begin~

Here are 2 types of fathers:


The Classic dad is the stereotypical dad that wears simple t-shirt and jeans, reads newspaper every morning with their favorite barako coffee on the side and may not have the most knowledge about Pop Culture.
The perfect gift ideas you can give to this kind of dad can be books, wallet, belt, or a simple dinner out together.


The New dad might just got married and together with his wife, expecting to have baby soon. For sure this New Dad is so excited about the new challenges coming their way and is really going to be working extra hard. So here are some great gift ideas to give: coffee maker, his favorite TV series and the other above conventional ideas like wallet and belts just with a stylish twist to it. Here's what I have come up with..

 As you can see, i stick with the idea of belts, wallet and watch but this time it's more stylish like the wallet and ipod holder in one, colorful watches and also a stylish belt. 

To know more about types of fathers/dads you can go to this website:

I also found some really cute quotes for fathers this Father's Day~

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