Get the look: Rihanna Where have you been MV

Hello there Awesome Readers~

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!! It's so pink in our office today because of the theme for the celebration of our TL's birthday! ^_^ LOVE PINK!

For today's post, I'll be sharing to you guys this song of Rihanna that I saw last night in MYX. It's Where have you been.

Where have you been is a new single from Rihanna's album "Talk that Talk". Where have you been is a very powerful dance song with a really nice play of tune to that is quite addictive. It's more like a club music type of song. Well, I'm not particulary blown by Rihanna per se, it's actually the looks in that video - makeup specifically - that I really got hooked in to.

She has more than 1 look in that video but I particularly liked this one that i'll be featuring here. So let's get in to it~

Where have you been~

My favorite scene in the music video~ She dances so good here!

 The ICONIC LOOK! ^^ Look at those sexy cat eyes~ I LOVE!

Here's how I would recreate it with a budget~

The prices for each products are already mentioned so you can do it as well~ Will do a tutorial soon hopefully! ^_^

Do like it?




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Sandra Y. said...

wow!!! she's really beautiful!! and thanks for the wallet-friendly make up tips to have her look!! :)

Please join my giveaway on my blog :)


Alice said...

Great post I love this song! ^_^ I would love trying this look out for sure. ^^,

Much Love!

-- Alice