Hair Rebonding Sunday~

Hello Awesome Readers~

HAPPY THURSDAY!! 1 day to go it's weekend again! Super excited for this Sunday for the Father's Day! ^^ Will be sharing some great ideas that you can do for Father's Day on my next entry~

But for now, I am finally posting my Salon moments with my girlfriends last Sunday. I mentioned about this on my previous post last Monday click here to read :)

My girlfriends and I planned to have our hair re-bonded last Sunday. It's prior to the celebration we will be having for my other girlfriend's (Mabs) birthday. Ars and I had rebond and Mabs did hair color and hair cut.

We went to a community salon in Pasig Rotonda named Candy Salon. :) This Salon is a small time salon within the area but trust me they make really good rebond - minus the pain you will be feeling when they are actually straigtening your hair :(

But nonetheless, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome and as a matter of fact, this had been my second time hair rebonding in that Salon.

So here are some pictures we took last Sunday.

At the Salon. :) While waiting for the medicine to seep through my hair. Did I just scare you with that sentence? :)

Ars and Me..still waiting~

Waiting for more than hour now..:) Hair rebonding will really test your patience.

Finally! It's done after 5 hours of sitting and waiting in the salon our hair is now super straight and shiny!

That's me and Ars again about to go home :) Thanks mabs for the pictures!

Finally you get to see MAbs! ^^ She's the birthday girl! Looking so fresh with her newly TABAS hair. It's super short but it looks really good on her. Never had a courage to cut my hair this short though:)

Too bad girls, wasn't able to take a picture of before and after..:( But you will see the difference from my other photos and posts here in my blog~

By the way, Hair rebonding in this Salon costs only 1000php any length! CHEAP right? ^^

What do you think?

Let me know~



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