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I just had some beauty rest with my College friends today and we had our hair done~ One of my friends and I had our hair re-bonded
 and my other friend just had a haircut and hair color. I'm going to share all the details on my next blog.

For today, I am so excited to share to you guys one of my current obsessions VINTAGE items. I have been mentioning about this for the longest time I've been blogging, Ukay-Ukay and stuffs - so if you are an avid reader you will know. I have this eye for really cheap but quality items you can find in Ukay/Thrift Stores. They are all unique and of good quality. I'm just so happy my friend in the office, Alice is selling this really adorable vintage leather bag from her mother's closet that she want to get rid of. The moment I saw it, I immediately fell in love with it and I say to myself what a wonder bag *in the tune of What a Wonderful World* LOL!

BAG 1:

Authentic Leather satchel bag in mahogany.

Super adorable color and design. Who will not fell in love with this!

The size of the bag is just enough to fit your kikay stuffs and some of your necessities.

The hook is to DIE for! I love it's uniqueness and it is a nice accent to the bag.

Hidden compartment at the back for a little bit more protection for your money or cellphone.

Rate 5/5 ^^

BAG 2:

This cute pouch came in with the first bag I showed you as a bonus treat. The first bag is already cheap and finding this really nice leather pouch inside is really AWESOME!~

This is the perfect KIKAY KIT! It is so classy yet simple that it can easily match any of your outfits top double as your pouch not just a kikay kit for formal events you will go to.

The side has this design that you can just buy any lace or handle to turn this pouch into a mini bag.

The magnetic lock makes this bag user friendly for those who like to reach on their things constantly.

These two bags are so far one of my best finds ever. Thanks Alice for sharing this to me. Hope to find more treasures in your mother's stash.

The bag with the pouch is just around 300-350php. ^_^

What's your favorite bag?



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Janet said...

Oh my!! those bags are so gorgeous!! super duper loves!!!the price is also cheap considering that it's leather!!! You are so lucky to find treasures like these! ^_~

Arrienne said...

Hi Janet! Thank you! You are so true! These bags are treaures! ^^ Thanks for appreciating and reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Nice bag dear ;)

follow me back
itsmademoiselletasha.blogspot.com :D