Accessory HUNT!

Hello Awesome Readers~

SUPER SORRY for MIA for more than a month. I was really busy with a lot of things and my digicam broke after our beach escapade with my family that's why can't post that much.

But anyway, for today's blog I will be featuring 2 great earrings I got from my trip to Quiapo last Wednesday hoping to get my digicam fixed but to my disappointment, it is hopeless. :( Oh well, this means I need to save up for a new digicam....

So going back, here's what I scored from one of the accessories store around Quiapo. It's super cheap! Only 35pesos each! Super great finds~ 

This is my favorite!! It's tear drop style with crystals and teal blue leaves made me wanna scream FOREVER 21 earring?! hahah :) It is super adorable!

This is just so princess looking to me. Love the studded bow with a great drop of what seems to me like a bee belly! HAHAH :) if there is such any word!

That's it guys! Wait for a look sporting this super classy and elegant earrings~
Have a great day!


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1 comment:

Photoescape said...

FOR REAL?!?! I super love these!! ^^. will def be on the look out for these too ^^,