My 88 Color Palette :)

Hello Awesome Readers~


Today is the back to school day for many Filipino students including my super chubby nephew.:) It's his first time to go to school that's why I'm super excited for him! I will be sharing a photo of him at the end of this post~

Today, I am going to share about the new palette I got from my friend in the office who's actually selling it for a reasonable cost. To have this kind of palette is one of my dreams. That's why I am so happy and excited to share to this to you!

This is the 88 color palette. I am so going to make a lot of cool looks from this. So watch out for it!

The 88 fun colo palette!!

Look at the reflection of the buildings~ COOL!

From neautrals to rainbow colors~

This palette is a mixture of satin and matte shadows. Super fun to use especially when making dramatic and playful eye looks! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Special thanks to my friend Jewel for the pictures!
What do you think guys?


My Nephew~~~

Showing off his Very Good Stars while taking a shower under the rain!

Very Good Stars!! ^_^


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