A trip to Hello Kitty Land: Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon

Hello Awesome Readers~

They say being young at heart is the secret for not getting old. I guess that's totally true! You can never outgrown simple things that reminds you so much of your childhood. You can't say I had enough and never look back. For some, this kind of happiness that brings youthfulness comes in a form of collecting and sharing to the world what makes them happy. 

My friends and I,(we call ourselves the Eat girls) decided to visit this wonderful place for relaxation to treat ourselves from hard days work. This is the best place for you not only to feel relaxed but also to feel so young again. It's the Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon located at Sapphire Street Concepcion Marikina City. It's not just your ordinary spa but it's a full blown HELLO KITTY LAND where everywhere is literally oozing and overflowing with cuteness!

Hello Kitty Sofa anf Pillows

Hello Kitty Adornments 
How to Get There:
We went there via commute. Coming from Cubao Gateway, we rode an fx going to SSS Village then dropped off at Concepcion Market. The FX costs about 30php per head. Then from there we rode a tricycle going to Sapphire street near SSS Village Elementary School which costs us 50php for the three of us. Then the adventure began.

Hello Kitty Sink,rug,cabinet,stuff toys!

Hello Kitty everywhere!
The Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon is not so big compared to some other salons out there. Perhaps it can accommodate 15-20 people max all at the same time excluding the staffs. So it is really advisable to go there on weekdays instead of weekends to avoid waiting in line for a long time. We were so fortunate to be able to drop by at Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon on a weekday so we were only the ones there and we got to really enjoyed taking a whole lot of pictures on their adorable display and facilities - all HELLO KITTY! 

They are open from Mondays-Sundays 12noon to 12midnight. So don't fret. ^^

They offer a whole lot of services and the prices are really reasonable. I decided to avail the Mani/Pedi with Foot Spa for about 199php only! The staffs who attended to us was undeniably friendly and accomodating - allowing us to go around and have pictures taken every corners of the room. :) 

The foot spa including the mani and pedi lasted for about an hour so I had really some good time while they were busy prepping me up. Just a little trivia, this was my first every foot spa experience in my entire existence. Imagine the amount of callouses I have in there. It was immeasurable!! I was really ashamed but Ate made me feel comfortable and even commented "Kung magpapafoot spa ka ma'am sulitin mo na." That was really kind of her. I really don't like salon people commenting negatively about your flaws and making you feel like you are the worst case ever! Good thing Ate was really kind I felt home!

The kind Ate~

My Nail color!!~

One more good thing about Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon, they cater not only for women but also for men. So if you have plans to tag along your boyfriends or your family members here for a day full of relaxation don't hesitate. Daniel's room will be waiting for them! 



I had so much fun with this adventure with my girlfriends. I really cannot wait for the next trip soon! I plan to do the full body massage next time! I really hope you check it out as well real soon. Just keep in mind the reminders I mentioned earlier!

All Hello Kitty Makeup items and merchandize~

If you want to know more about Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon, kindly refer to their facebook page below and inquire for more details.

I highly recommend this place for all of you wonderfully made readers! 
Thanks for droppinng by!
Till next time.



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Anne Bunyi said...

Wow! Hello Kitty Galore! My sister would definitely love this place. Shared this post to her. Thanks for sharing your experience :) I would definitely wish to go there one time.. medyo malayo nga lang yung place.

Chriselle Militar said...

Next time you go there, ask the fx driver to drop you off at Lilac St corner Panorama St. From there, the spa is just a 2-min walk. I live nearby and I just felt obliged to leave a comment because you got ripped off by the driver. You don't really need to take a trike.

Arrienne said...

Hi Anne Bunyi!! Thanks for dropping by and for spreading the news! Sana magustuhan nia coz I really had so much fun here! ^^ Mwahh!! <3

Arrienne said...

Oh! Thanks Chriselle!! I really didn't know about that! ^^ Thanks for informing me! I appreciate it! mwahh! <3

Lavanya D'cruz said...

I was looking for articles on beauty salon in Abu Dhabi and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!!!