Break the HEAT in TAGAYTAY

Hello awesome Readers~

I just had a trip last weekend in Tagaytay to start off my SUMMER ACTIVITIES. Manila is just getting too hot nowadays and what better way to break it off is to travel up north~

I love how GOD created everything UNIQUE. Imagine, PHILIPPINES is just one country and it's a TROPICAL one but still GOD created some places in the Philippines that will let you enjoy COOL temperature other than warm and sunny. It's just so AMAZING!

Anyhow, let me just share to you what I wore in Tagaytay last weekend and let me know what you think~

Wasn't able to capture close-up pictures of my outfit. T_T
But I am already wearing my THRIFT BOOTS!! yahoo~~

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what are you doing for your SUMMER so far?

LOVE: Arrienne

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Jen said...

Cute outfit! <3 I really adore it! Thanks for sharing ;) XoXo, Jen

CutestPrincess said...

nice boots, so cute! i want to visit tagaytay soon!

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