Hello Awesome Readers~

Let's have a little break on fashion and let me share to you the foundation brand I use for almost a year now.
It's the Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation. 

My mom introduced this product to me. She told me she didn't like it because it's too sheer and its almost like she didn't put any makeup. So I got curious with this product. So I gave it a try. 

Let me first share to you what Avon has to say with this product:

Our silky foundation is formulated with Avon's Precise Light Technology, which combines:
- Innovative light-adjusting pigments so skin looks natural in any light.
- Exclusive Natural Match complex, which contains all the essential skin-true pigments needed to match over 98% of skin tones.
Medium Coverage
Satin finish
SPF 10

Surely Avon got so much promises on this product. Now let me show you what is like:

It looks GOOD right? 
So here's what I have to say, let's start with my 


* LOVE the packaging. It's glass so you won't have to worry about bacteria's getting into the product easily.
* I love how it is properly dated, as to when it was manufactured and when it will expire.
* The shade of this foundation is actually lighter than my skin tone on first glance but when you try it on it will really adjust to your skin tone making look like it's natural - but of course you have to apply thinly so that the product will match your skin tone in case you got the wrong shade.
* It's true that it is SILKY and very smooth upon application. 
* It's easy to blend and the product is also buildable depending on what coverage you need - LIGHT or MEDIUM coverage.
* You won't be needing a lot of product for a little goes a long way.
*This will last you a good enough time before you buy a new one.
* SPF 10 good for protect against the sun.


* It has a weird smell.
* No pump so you cannot control how much product is coming out which leads me to next dislikes;
* Can get messy through constant use.
* The staying power is not long lasting. You will be needing some touch-ups towards the end of the day.
* Has a tendency to cake when not properly blended or applied.


This is a product that I can say was able to live up with its promises. It's really silky and the performance is good for its price. I can say that this is one good foundation you might want to try for this SUMMER to achieve that barely-there makeup good for the out of towns and a trip in the beach. You will not be disappointed with this and who knows, this might be included in your SUMMER MUST HAVES. 
Overall, I can give this product 3.5 out of 5!

Before I end this review, here are some pictures I took before and after the application. Hope you enjoy~

The actual product~

Before the application. MY BARE FACE..just did my brows cause I can't live without them.

With the foundation~ Can you see any difference? :) It looks so natural guys!

Then put some lipstick on~ DONE!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review~ By the way, AVON IDEAL SHADE LIQUID FOUNDATION costs around 400php I got it on sale that's why I cannot tell you exactly the regular price. :)

What's your GO-TO FOUNDATION for the SUMMER?

Let me know~

LOVE: Arrienne

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AsianBeautyx89 said...

It looks natural on you!
The Packaging looks the same with the maybelline fit me Foundation i owned ^_^. It's sheer and it gives me like a glowy effect on my face.

I like Avon Foundations but I just can't find a perfect shade for me. >_<

Jill said...

very pretty! it gives your face a nice glow!
now following! i'll be going to the philippines soon, i really enjoy your post!

hope you drop by my blog sometime, i would really appreciate it!
xx Jill

Photoescape said...

It looks really nice on your skin ^^. That is what I mostly dislike about some liquid foundation since they don't have pumps its a bit messy after a couple of uses..

Much Love!

♔ linny said...

great review :D
ive always been skeptical about avon products because i dont really see it as an "official" brand cos its not physically sold in stores in aus...

hope you'll visit my blog soon, :)