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I'm so sorry for missing in action for about 3 weeks. I was just so preoccupied with all that is happening in my life and work or in other term I've been suffering from LAZINESS LOL! ^_^

Anywho, i'm now back in to business and I am so happy to finally get back my creative juices out again! ^^ I'm so in the mood to share to you all my summer activities and what had been up with my life lately. Hope you are all interested as much as I am *crossed finger* hahaha :)

Lately, I had been out and about hanging out at some swimming resorts here and there to break the heat of this crazy summer. It had been so PAINFULLY HOT these days and even our house is just so unbearable to stay in the weekend or I just say that is the best excuse to wonder around and explore some resorts I've never been before hahah :) 

So here is one resort my cousin and I visited couple of weeks ago. It's CLUB MANILA EAST and it was specially recommended by my good friend Kristine to me since she really had fun here when she last visited.

Posing beside the name of the swimming pool resort..I guess the most common picture and posing you will see in almost everyone who had been here...LOL!

The Kayak pool and Slide pool division.

Better view of the slide pool~ CRAZY SLIDE I will never try this!!

Another pool beside the slide pool. Good thing it has some shade this is really helpful especially at high noon when the sun is just so scorching hot!

The kiddie pool~~

This was during Easter Sunday that's why the people were so many! Bad move if you want some little privacy or some little quiet time on your vacation.

CLUB MANILA EAST (CME)  actually have two wave pools and that's something you should look forward to. 

                                                                  This is wave pool one~

 And this is wave pool 2..which is so much bigger~ ^^

There are also some other amenities that you can try like Kayaking, zip lining or surfing. Kayaking is so fun and easy. Sorry cause it's my first time to try one and it's not even the most authentic one but I really enjoyed it. It's just so hot though that's why no matter how I want to stay longer I can't...It's going to toast my skin!

 Since it's my first time, I decided to try it out with my cousin cause I'm super scared to be alone. hahah :) So meet my cousin LUISA~ ^^

By the way, Kayaking is free but the other amenities, like zip lining and surfing are not. So if you have extra cash to spare and you want to try those activities out go ahead!

CME also have this beautiful greenery path ways that you can choose walk when the sun is just so unbearable.

EMO me~ ^^

Finally we are ready to home! It was a nice experience and can't wait for another summer adventure to share with you guys~


* has a lot pools to try and Kayak activity FOR FREE is just so good! Something you must really try. Plus 2 wave pools that will make you feel closer to beach~
*good shower rooms although needs little bit more maintenance.
*you cannot bring any food so bring extra money for your meals which is BOO for me. 
*the CME cafeteria is not the best place to eat. too crowded on pick season and not so clean and organized.
*cottages are everywhere but no locks so securing your things is not possible without anyone to look out for in the cottage. :(
*a little bit pricey for a regular swimming pool resorts nearby.
* a good place to hang out with family and friends. It's really near Quezon city, where I live so it's definitely a hassle free travel to go there.

But over all, i think it's worth a try.
So if you want to know more about CLUB MANILA EAST go to there website and check out for more details...

THANKS for reading~
Let me know what you think~

LOVE: Arrienne

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