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I had some good time celebrating a lot of birthdays today in our office and food sets me to HAPPY MOOD. :)
How's your life been doing lately readers? Do you still get to stretch those muscles around your mouth eventhough it's too HOT outside? :) Or is it the only reason you know like how you almost look like smiling when you are under the sun because of the heat touching your skin. Hahaha...Kidding! ^_^

Anyhow, today's post is about some beach outfits I've been loving lately. Something you have seen before or something that might be new for you, regardless, i just want to share to you these thoughts. Hope you won't's my blog anyway..hehehe :) PEACE

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Summer is always the most colorful and festive season in the Philippines. No matter how much you want to save money for some dream gadgets or for some future expenses, this season will surely make you wanna run to the nearest bank and reserve tickets for some luxurious stay in the beach or even just some local swimming resorts nearby that can be good and budget friendly, to enjoy the season and bond with friends and family.
I don't know, maybe it's just me or what, but I really think summer is one of the most expensive time of the year...hahaha :) or magastos lang talaga ako..

Summer has a lot of things to offer -  food (anything with ice is so IN), swimming resorts businessmen are also having the best time of their lives, endless outdoor activities and most importantly great variety of CLOTHES, anything light-weight, sheer, colorful, cropped, shorts and the list goes on..are everything that SPELLS OUT SUMMER.

So speaking of clothes, let me just share the FASHION that we wear in resorts, in swimming pools, in any water-activities we will do this summer and that is our SWIMSUITS. Swimsuit is one important factor we should be considering when we go out to the beach or pools this summer. It is for me an extension of your collection of clothes that you wear everyday, but of course swimsuits are worn for just few times. But the point is, if you choose preppy clothes, bohemian, girly or sexy clothes for everyday look, your swimsuits should also scream out your personal style even if you will just be dipping in the water most of the time.

I think people shouldn't disregard the importance of having beautiful pairs of swimsuits. No matter which style you choose- bikini, monokini or one-piece- it should ALWAYS reflect your style and personality.

So having that said, here are some of my swimsuits that I would like to share to you guys for references or to give inspirations for those who are planning to do something different this summer.


You have seen this before and this is what I wore last time when my family went to the beach in Batangas

This is not your typical bikini for it has this really nice detail in the bust area that will surely compliment your bosoms.

What I like about this one too, is the nice solid color it has that go well with any different cover ups that might want. The strap is thick enough to create a strong tie in the back. The material is also thick and you will not be worrying of anything that might peek through your suit once it got wet by the water.

In this picture, I am wearing my sheer white polo from ukay that I love and it perfectly adds chic to the look and enough coverage to the areas I want to conceal.

Here I am with the swimsuit alone, and I can say that this bikini will surely match any skin tone and will compliment the shape of your body. With the appearance of my cousin and pagibig on the lower left :)

And here's one way you can also style it by covering the bottom area with a denim short if you are planning to walk around the beach and you don't want to walk around with just the undies.

You can definitely style it no matter way you want, this is just how I did it and one way to style this bikini.

*bikini from tomato and read my summer haul to find more about it


Now this screams out summer! For those who like color and embraces everything about summer then go for something colorful and fun for your swimsuit. 

This swimsuit is what I wore when I went to Club Manila East last Easter Sunday with my cousin. 
It is more body hugging because the top part is definitely smaller compared to my other swimsuit I've shown you. The design of this suit is really nautical and it has this beautiful play of colors that I love. 

If you are not the type of person choosing ordinary plain looking swimsuit then go for designs like this. The material on this swimsuit is also thick yet soft that's why you will never have a hard time wearing this at all.

This time, I paired this with a denim skirt to add girly-ness to the look and I left the top area as it is for I want the colorful top to be seen.

Denim is such a great cover up and accent to any beach/swimsuit looks for it is timeless and it can match any of your chosen designs for swim wear.

*Swimsuit from Coco Cabana from SM Department Store


Monokini is the best swimsuit if you want to cover some areas that you are not so confident about - like the tummy. The cut out design of Monikini can create an illusion that you have sexier and slimmer body. This is the better version of one-piece for those who wants to flaunt their curves muinus the tummy.

As you can see,I am using my  polka dot white and blue skirt I bought from ukay as a cover up for this look.
I wore this look when my team mates went to 9 waves last week for our team building.

This look will make you look stylish and cute for the beach or pools.

That's me and my team mates in the pool while having some fun water activities. When I'm in the pool that's the only time I take off my cover up since I am with people that are a little bit conservative and I don't them to feel like I am not respecting them :)

So there you go guys, those are some looks you can create with your stylish or simple swimsuits. GO AHEAD have fun picking some swimwear you like but don't forget to add some spice on it by putting together some cute pieces that you like and that is match to your personality.


LOVE: Arrienne

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