All Ready for Summer ^_^

Hello Awesome Readers~

I'm back with some SUMMER shopping again. This weekend I will hit the beach finally! It's going to be my nephew's birthday and we will celebrate it in the beach in Batangas. :) I can't wait!

So here's some items I bought last weekend with my Pagibig in Trinoma, Landmark.

First, I bought some backup of my favorite eyebrow pencil from Saizen. It's only for 85php.

Now time for the good stuff. SUMMER essentials~ although it's not yet complete i'm half way through there. On second thought, I'm almost finish with my summer essentials for I don't have to buy everything brand new. Like my beach bags and some cover ups.

Let's start with my BEACH hat! SUPER love this and also it's very cheap. It's for only 140php ^_^

Then I also bought some bangles to spice up my little summer outfit. Again it's from Landmark for only 100php.

Then the most exciting thing I bought is my new swimsuit from Tomato! I love the simplicity of this suit and the elegant touch once worn. The color is also suited for any skin color for its in neutral shade. Really nice fit and design. It is only for 600php.

Need to buy one last thing and it's a good sunblock. Have you used any good sunblocks before? Please recommend one for me~ THANKS!

Well that's all for this post! Hope you enjoyed~

Let me know what you think~

LOVE: Arrienne

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Photoescape said...

I love the swimsuit from Tomato! ^^, would def drop by there sometime to see some of their swimsuit ^^.