Makeup Look: Halo-Halo Inspired

Hello Awesome Readers~

A year ago, I did a summer inspired look in my Youtube channel about super colorful foods we eat during the season. 

The BEST FOOD this season is no doubt the HALO-HALO!~ Who doesn't love it? I mean, with it's yummy-ness and great mixture of flavors for sure everyone will get hooked to it once tried.

So here's what I have come up with and I hope I was able to give it some justification :)

The inspiration~ HALO HALO!

The LOOK ^^

And this was me a year ago :)

Hahaha ^^

Hope you enjoyed this guys~

LOVE: Arrienne

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1 comment:

Janet said...

lovely look! very dreamy and cute! Pretty! ^_^~