Makeup Look: Sorbetes Inspired

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In line with my post yesterday, here's another look I did inspired by some summer refreshments we do have here in the Philippines. 

I'm so sure, whether you are Filipino or not, you are quite familiar with this next makeup look. 

Sorbetes according to wikipedia, is a Filipino version of ice cream usually peddled from street carts in the Philippines. It most commonly known as the "dirty ice cream." 

Growing up, sorbetes has been one of my top most favorite "merienda" or snacks during summer. It is the cheapest  ice cream in town and the most fun about it is you just have to wait in front of your house to have it. For sure, in designated time, Manong Sorbetero will be there to serve you 3 or more of your desired flavors at your door step. Cool right?

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Picture Source:


I hope you liked it!~

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What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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