Get the Look: 60s Makeup

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HAPPY HUMP DAY! It's already the middle of the week! Time flies so fast~ ^^

For today's Get the Look, let's go back in time when makeup and fashion made history. You know so much about my love for vintage so for today, I'm going to have sort of a tribute to those women in 60s that really made makeup known!

Let's first learn about the history of 60s makeup. According to, Women during the 60s are really building great heights by going out of the domestic sphere and pursuing their careers as well as education. Their is only one makeup look althrough out the 60s and that is dark eye paired with pale lips.


Now that we have learned, a little about the 60s makeup style, let me teach you easy tricks on how to achieve it.

How to Achieve 60s Vintage look:

Step 1: The FACE
Use a light foundation and apply it thinly all over your face. Lighter foundations are commonly used during the 60s and the paler your skin is the better.

Step 2: THE EYES
Go for neutral colored eyeshadows and aplly it all over the lid.
Define your crease by choosing a darker eyeshadow and apply it in your crease.
Apply eyeliner, liquid or gel, on the upper lash line and create a sexy cat eye.
To thicken your lashes, apply a heavy coat of black mascara.
For the 60s eye look to be complete, use false eyelashes and opt for really long and thick one but still looking natural.
Using your eyeliner, draw on smaller eyelashes on your lower lash line.

Step 3: THE LIPS
You can choose between pink of red lipstick but you must choose matte ones.

Then there you have it! Your 60s makeup inspired look!


For detail step by step go here.

Hope you find this helpful! Good luck!



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