The Mystery Behind Red Lipstick

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's already Thursday! Can't wait for the weekend to come! ^^ Today, I tried eating Korean food and shared it with friends. I am happy they liked it~ My friend in the office actually introduced me to it~ Do you like Korean food? What is your favorite?

Today's blog post is about Red Lips and the mystery behind it.


 In the recent decades, painting lips red had been so popular that it draws huge attention to the opposite sex. It was worn by many legendary beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Red lips are a universal symbol of beauty.

According to recent studies, wearing red lipstick will surely give you an advantage when it comes to work. According to, a study in France showed waitresses who wore red lipstick were 50% more likely to get tips that those who wore pink, browns or no lipstick at all. Red lipstick can really hold a man's gaze, regardless of your physical characteristic, red lipstick will really be an eye catcher.


So if you want to rock someone's world today or get noticed, wear your best red lipstick forward! ^^
Just bear in mind that red lipstick is a LOOK AT ME color so wear it confidently and get used with the stares! ^^ What red lipstick to wear blog post coming up soon~ ^^

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Hazel☺ said...

i only have one bold red lipstick HAHA! i want to collect some more :D


Arrienne said...

Hi hazel~ ^^
Thanks for reading my post! ^^ it's okay if you only have one red lipstick, the magic works the same way~ ^^

LOVE, Arrienne