Food Trip: Bibimbap and Extreme Spicy Pringles

Hello Awesome Readers~


What's your food craving today? Well, yesterday, my officemates and I had some really healthy dish for our late lunch in the office. My colleague who can cook Korean dishes prepared bibimbap for our late lunch. She actually sells it so there were a number of us who ate the same dish yesterday.

It was really good and one serving is a mouth full. I had fun eating all its delicious ingredients and also the sauce that came with it. If you like trying out diffirent foods like Korean foods, I really suggest you get yourself a bibimbap soon! Super yummy and it will fill your stomach for sure. You won't be craving for food for like 4 hours after consuming a bowl of bibimbap.

Aside from bibimbap, my friend and also a blogger Alice, prepared a delicious vegetable and fruit salad for her lunch. She put some mangoes, lettuce and a lot more leafy vegetables that are good for our health. So this was her masterpiece.

Have you tried this? It's super SPICY!!~

Here are my best buddies posing for the camera~

Shout Out for ALice of photoescape and Kristine of RealAsianBeauty~ HELLO LADIES!! 

Do you love Korean food?

Care to share?



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Berylle said...

love korean food! :) Im curious about that spicy pringles! :)

Kristine said...

Aww cute post! Thanks for the shout out~ :) I really loved the Bibimbap, kudos to Jong! Lets eat again soon, I mean some more Korean food. I highly recommed samgyeopsal to you! You will LOVE it! :)

Alice said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) I uber love Korean food! Again thanks to Jong! :D I agree with Kristine with samgyeopsal ^_^ its super yummy! :)

Janet said...

Wow! 3 of you work in the same place pala..I read all 3 of your blogs..^_~ The food looks yummy!I'm not really a fan of korean dishes..but I loved topoki a lot =)

Arrienne said...

Hi Berylle! if you really like spicy food try that Pringles~ :)

Arrienne said...

HI tine~ WEEE!! Can't wait for that day! I really want samgyeopsal so much!!

Arrienne said...

HI alice! Let's try it together!!!

Arrienne said...

Hello Janet! Yes we do work together and we are best buddies here! :)) THANK you so much for reading our BLOGS! LOVE YOU! <3