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HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm just so happy today and I don't know why~ Maybe I just took my HAPPY PILL! ^^ 

Today, I would like to give you an idea on how we can commonly apply our eyeshadow. I know how hard it is to imitate or to copy one's look without a clear illustration as to how you can do it.

So here I made an EYE CHART or an EYE DIAGRAM to help you to know where to put your eyeshadow alone :) You don't need to pay anyone to do magic on your looks! You can do it alone and I encourage you to follow this easy steps and hope it would be a great help!

So let's begin!

Here is the eye chart~

The first part is the INNER CORNER. This is where you place the lightest color to brighten up the eyes. The inner corner is also used to highlight your eyes and make it bigger and brighter.

The next part is the MIDDLE OF THE LID. This is basically the center of your eyelids. You can put a medium color eyeshadow in here. So light color on the inner corner and medium color or slightly darker color on the center of the lid.

Next is the OUTER CORNER. This is where you can place the darkest color. It is made so your eye look will have dimension. I love this part because it adds depths to your eyes making it a lot sexier or you can smoke it even more by applying more dark color to make it sultry. 

The CREASE is the part where you make transition from your lids to the brow bone. This is where you have to blend or diffuse all the colors you placed on your lids. 

The BROW BONE or HIGHLIGHT is just like the inner corner, you put here the lightest color of your look. It will serve as a highlight and will help you complete the look.

For the INNER LOWER LASH LINE, you place the same color you used for the inner corners. Applying colors on your lower lash line will make the look put together.

For the OUTER LOWER LASH LINE, just simply extend the darkest color you placed on your outer lid to complete the look.

So that's it! Those are the basic information you need for your daily makeup application. I hope this has been informative and helpful for all of you awesome readers~



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