Let's Know your Eye Shape!

Hello Awesome Readers~

How are you? My awesome Readers in the Philippines still okay? Terrible flood and rain struck us but don't worry GOD is merciful! Everything will be okay soon! Smile Philippines! :)

Anyway, for today's blog entry, I would like to share some Makeup Tips that would be great for anyone starting out with makeup. Studying one's face and knowing your likes and dislikes with regards on how you would like to look on your big day is always challenging but super important. This is the step that we shouldn't miss. And part of this step is knowing and understanding one's eye shape.

Here I have 6 kinds of eye shapes. 

1. Almond Eyes

It is said to be the perfect eye shape. You can almost do anything about it. A little helpful tip in working with Almond Eyes is to use color eyeshadow on the top of the lid to make it pop even more.

2. Deep Set Eyes

I call this, beautiful little eyes. It eyelid crease is set back so the area from the base of the lashes to the brow bone seems hidden. A little helpful tip in working with Deep Set Eyes is to keep the lid light to make it appear brighter or bigger then use dark colors on the outer corner to create a dimensional eye look.

3. Close Set Eyes


From the name itself, these are our beautiful ladies out there who are blessed with their eyes close together. A little helpful tip in working with Close Set Eyes is to make them appear further apart by simply concentrating the darker colors in the outer corners of your eyes. Extend it all the way to the ends of your brow.

4. Wide Set Eyes

According to some makeup artists, working with Wide Set Eyes is the easiest. Most of Hollywood celebrities have wide set eyes and they look stunning with it! Wide Set Eyes are the best for smokey eye looks. With wide set eyes, you have a lot of space to work with so you can be playful with colors and make the most out of it. A little helpful tip in working with Wide Set Eyes is to use darker colors in the inner corners of the eyes and in this way, you can make the nose angular and interesting.

5. Hooded Eyes

Hooded means the eyelid is partly covered by the skin when the eyes open. A lot of Asian people are gifted with this eye shape. So here's a little helpful tip in working with Hooded Eyes. Use your contouring colors on the outside corner of your lids up to the brow bone and apply light colors on the in the corner to the center of your lids vertically. This is create an illusion of a crease and lid.

6. Prominent Eyes

Prominent or commonly known, bulging eyes is another set of beautiful eyes that some of our awesome readers might be blessed with. Some people find it hard to put colors on this this kind of eye shape so here's a little helpful tip for you to work with. For this particular kind of eye shape the best way to make it stand out is to use light colored/neutrals on the lids. Use a darker color on the lids to give it dimension, but you don't have to add tons of color anymore. It will be bright large but beautiful eyes in no time.

Hope this was helpful!



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