Food Madness Saturday~

Hello Awesome Readers~

Happy Weekend!! ^_^

My Saturday started with YUMMYness! My colleagues and I decided to eat in a Korean Restaurant near our office after my super long and stressful Friday. Even though it was raining hard that night, we still pushed through and we weren't disappointed for doing so. Despite the pouring rain outside, there were still a lot of people who came in the restaurant, and the best thing about it, the entire room was filled with Filipino customers. ^_^

My friends and I decided to order Tteokbokki a really famous rice cake dish in Korea. I was kinda hesitant to try at first, but it made me so happy that I did! It's spicy but sweet. The rice cake was made so perfectly, chewing it gives you pleasure!

with flash

No flash
SO YUMMY! I definitely recommend this to you awesome readers! This Tteokbokki costs me 150php.

In the afternoon, I asked my boyfriend to take pictures of me outside their place. It was actually the first time he did this for my blog~ hahah ^^ And I think he did pretty well, but there is still room for a little improvement~hahah ^^

I'm wearing my thrifted shorts with a very cute bow in front from Tagaytay.

After my mini OOTD, we got hungry so we decided to check out the nearest grocery store for some snacks. We decided to try this so-filipino food called Bibingkinitan.. From the name itself, it's a small bibingka or rice cake with margarine, salted eggs and cheese on top! It's surprisingly delicious!~ I didn't expect that much when we decided to buy it but then I was thrilled by how yummy it tastes! If you happen to see any Bibingkinitan stall near you, you should better try one. One piece costs 20php and a box of 6 costs 120php.

There you go guys~ That's what I did today! How's your weekend so far?



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