How to: Party in a Budget for 50 people

Hello Awesome Readers~

Let's have a little break on beauty related articles today for I would like to talk about some really delicious food I ate yesterday together with my Team.

Monthly, we do celebrations for birthday celebrators in our team and I am one of those people who plan and decide what kind of food we will surprise the birthday celebrators and the team.

I have always been an active leader/member in whatever planning there may be, whether its a party or conceptualizing for a team performance, I just love brain storming and giving out ideas. So I am pretty much proud to share to you this successful Team celebration that we had yesterday.

My team is getting a lot bigger now, so we should consider the number of people who will eat and the budget we need to work on. So these are helpful tips that you might consider when planning for a simple celebration for 50 people.


Buy doughnuts that will be enough for the team. This was our original plan for we want to have something different naman and not eat pancit and cake all the time. The budget for this might be around 1500php good for 50 people, 1 doughnut each. We originally plan for Krispy Kreme or Go nuts doughnuts. But we soon realized that this plan will be too expensive since we will only get to enjoy a doughnut and that won't be enough.

So here's the PLAN B which we ended up executing.

Buy 4 15inch pizzas at Dexter's Pizza which is super affordable and yummy too. We also bought 3 mini cakes in BreadTalk to give to our 3 birthday celebrators. So we can get to enjoy 4 different flavors in a lot cheaper price. We only spent around 1200php for the entire thing~ Super worth it!

So let me just introduce you to Dexter's Pizza. It's a pizza store where you can avail really affordable pizzas in a huge size. They offer pizza sizes from 6-15 inches. They have huge variety of pizza flavors and toppings as well. One of their best sellers, which my team ended up buying is their Shawarma Pizza. Their pizza prices ranges from 55php-305php. Really great deal. So let me show you the pizzas we ordered.

This is 15inch Quatro Quezo Pizza for only 255php. Super Yummy CHEESE!! I love it!

This is the infamous Shawarma Pizza. We also ordered it in 15inch and this cost us for only 255php. And trust me guys this is just so heavenly!

This is the Bacon Cheese Burger again 15inch size. Same price as well for only 255php. This is also delicious!

And this is their Pepperoni Overload in 15 inch. Same price 255php~ Just your regular Pepperoni Pizza.

From all the 4 pizzas i showed you, I highly recommend the Shawarma pizza and the Quatro Quezo. Super YUMMY tlaga! :) We had it cut in party size for everyone~

Now for the mini cakes in Bread Talk. I chose, Mocha Avalanche which looks special and expensive, but would you believe it's only around 75php :)

That's how we were able to pull off a simple party for 50 people~ 

Me and my other two teachers~ Arlene and Flora~
Hope you find this a little helpful~



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Nicole said...

Where exactly is Dexter's Pizza located po :)

Arrienne said...

Ortigas po ung branch na pinagorderan namin pero according to my research here are the brances they have:

Alice said...

I can still remember the taste of the pizza..... mmmmm... delicioso! :)