Mini Photo Shoot with a Good Friend

Hello Awesome Readers~

Happy Wednesday~ 
If you can still remember on my previous post about my activities last Saturday, I mentioned about a mini photo shoot I took with my friend Kristine. 

Today, I would like to show to you the outcome of that shoot and how crazy fun it had been~ Just be reminded, we don't have any professional photographer with us, it was just me, Kristine and our friend in the office, Denise, who took all of these pictures~ So just don't expect much. This is just for fun! ^^

I already took the time to put some of our pictures in a collage just so this post won't be picture heavy. I will just show you some best/crazy shots we took.

Let me show this first collage, and I call it my Default Smile Face :) hahaha ^_^

It's really awkward posing in an open space where there are just too many eyes staring. I get even more conscious with my pose. And when I do, here's what will happen. I call this next collage my WACKY face in an Awkward Space~

I know what you are thinking, me so FUNNY and not so pretty~ hahah :) But as you can see, I am having so much fun! ^^ The last picture, I was actually trying to flip my hair in a seductive way, but it didn't come out like so. hahaha ^^ It's an epic fail~

Now, here comes my MODEL in a PEDESTRIAN shots~ hahah ^^ this was really fun to shoot. LOOK BOOK ang drama! 

And now my fun shots with Kristine~This mini photo shoot wouldn't be complete without our picture together :)

That's our attempted jump shot~ hahah I look like a happy Lion because of my hair!

Do you like taking pictures as well?
Have you tried making a photo shoot on your own?

Let me know~


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