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Hello Awesome Readers~

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I am just so happy to share these blessings I got from my sister. When I arrived home yesterday, these beautiful things are actually waiting for me in my room. I can't wait to share these to you guys!

My sister works as a nurse in Dubai and she is planning to have a vacation this week in the Philippines. She sent a package few months before her arrival in the Philippines so that she won't have to worry about this anymore. I am just so thrilled that she actually sent me something. I though she's just going to send some toys for her baby and some other things we will be needing for everyday use like shampoos, soaps etc. But I was mistaken, look what she got me!
She got me 2 Victoria Secret lotion and body mist sets. :) 

I specifically love the pouch that it came with. It's really useful and handy! 
The set contains a body mist, body lotion and body wash.

Very Sexy Sheer Sexy Mist
Very Sexy Body Lotion

Very Sexy Body Wash

This is the lovely pouch I am in love with!
The scent of this Very Sexy set is not over powering. I think this is the scent I wear everyday.

Here is the other set of body lotion and mist.

This set came in 3 different scents. I love the fact that it's all in travel sizes which will fit perfectly in my everyday satchel bag I use when I go to work.

First Scent in Casaba Melon, Plum and Freesia
 I love this scent the most! It's not too sweet.
Second Scent in Cherry Blossom, Peach and White Jasmine
 This will be my second favorite. It has this air fresher smell to it but it can be tone down by applying ample amount.
Third Scent is Black Cherry, Creme Angla and ScnadalWood
This I must say my least favorite. The scent is over powering and it's too sweet for my liking.

Let me now show you the best thing my sister got me! I'm super happy about this because I was intending to buy this kind for my wedding event on October with Popsiam. Glad my sister bought me this!!

It's a 3 in 1 hair Dressing tools!!

I got hair straighter, curling iron and something for my armpits. It's from the brand Geepas in Dubai and I can't wait to use this!! The best thing, it's in PINK!!! 

Thank you so much Ate for all of these good stuffs you gave me! I can't wait to see you very very soon! ^^

Thank you Awesome readers for reading~



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Nicole said...

aww that's a really cool loot! I am loving the bag so much... It'll add a pop of color to any outfit! :)


Arrienne said...

Thanks Nicole! That's a great idea~ <3