Beauty in Nature: Tomatoes

Hello Awesome Readers~

Welcome to another segment here in my blog. I would like to call it BEAUTY in NATURE. I decided to conceptualize this kind of blog entries to highlight all the natural source of beauty we have around us. 

I notice that we often opt for products that are sold in the market that has ingredients that we don't even know that might actually harm our skin just for the sake of beauty. We often go for brands and other aspects where we can meet with the status quo instead of being practical and exploring the products available around us that we already know has health and beauty benefits. So this segment as made!

For this first and official post, I would like to talk about TOMATOES.


As we all know, TOMATOES are a great source of lycopene which is a good antioxidant. Lycopene acts as our sunscreen from within. That's why tomatoes can make us look younger and healthier. According to some studies, it is recommended to have at least 16 milligrams of lycopene a day to help us retain the moisture in our body especially for people who work in an air conditioned environments.

So now, it's time for you to forget those expensive creams and let us discover the benefit of eating and using tomatoes as a part of our beauty regimen.



Big Pores Shrinker!


Are you tired of those nasty pores that collect dirt everywhere you go? Then problem solve, just take a tablespoon of tomato juice, add a little bit of lime extracts, apply it to your face then viola! You will have relatively smaller pores with regular use! Just make sure to leave it for about 15 minutes because rinsing off.


As they say, oiliness is next to ugliness. No girls will ever want to have oily face forever! So let's end your suffering by using TOMATOES! Just crush a fresh tomato and strain it. Add cucumber juice to the mixture. Apply to your face daily then you'll see how amazing this tomato is when it comes to your skin care needs.

So awesome readers, you will get this and more from a simple TOMATO. It's a great gift from nature! So the next time you order your burgers with TLC don't you dare throw it away! ^^ 



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