Make Your Own Makeup Business Card

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's already FRIDAY! I can't wait for the weekend! I will be doing so many things that i am so excited to share to you~ Let me just share it to you a bit. Tomorrow, my family is going to Tagaytay for no special reason and I am planning to take OOTDs for you and also shoot something special if I can. And on Sunday, I will be attending a Bridal Makeup Workshop together with Popsiam in preparation for our upcoming Bridal gig next month! WOHOO!! I can't wait to finally get a certification and make my clients HAPPY! I will be bring with me my friend Alice, she will be my model for that day~^^ Isn't it exciting Awesome readers? What are your plans this weekend? I want to hear it as well! ^^

In line with the upcoming Bridal Makeup Workshop I will be attending on Sunday, I already started something very essential when you are beginning to take baby steps in makeup industry. And that is what I will be sharing to everyone tonight.

Aside from your makeup portfolio, you should also have MAKEUP BUSINESS CARDS with you. You will never know when you'll be needing one and you might miss a chance to hand it to a prospect client. You don't want to miss that right? So tonight, I would like to share some tips and ideas on how you can make your own MAKEUP BUSINESS CARD.

Let's begin~


In making a business card, you should first think of a layout. You want something that will be an eye catcher when blended to any business card and something that is also professional looking. You don't want the design to be too childish or too plain. Keep in mind what you want to put in your business card and what would best reflect your service.


Find a good editing tool that will make things happen. For my case, I used PICASA for editing my business card and I used the layout size 3.5'' x 2". You can either choose if it will be in a landscape format or portrait. It really depends on your style and liking.


Include all the necessary details you want them to remember and know. Don't forget to put your name of course, your contact details and website where they can find you. Make the font clean and readable. You don't want to confuse your clients with all the fancy lettering in your business card. The simpler the font the better.


Once you are satisfied with your design, print it out and make sure to get enough prints that you will be needing for the future. Keep safe your soft copy for future use as well.

There you go readers, those are my simple tips and steps on how you can create your own business card. Now let me share to you my very own creation~


Did you like guys?

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jully ann said...

like like like!!!

Chrissy said...

Nice job! I want to redesign my business cards too, but that will come when the ones I have now run out. Hehe

Kristine said...

I like it, Good job <3 give me a copy~

Shiela Marcelino said...

Its cute! ^^ Love it!

Sweet Fairy said...

Its great. So nice. I need to print plastic business cards for my new business.

Zmalik said...

Perfect for plastic business cards as it resembles business so impressively they need durable and sustainable medium....