Rainy Saturday Malling

Hello Awesome Readers~

Terrible weather again in the Philippines. My family were supposed to go out of town today as what I had mentioned in my previous post but due to the pouring rain we decided to cancel and just go to the mall instead. But don't worry my Sunday Bridal Makeup Workshop will still push through no matter what. And that's what I am so excited about~

Tonight, I would like to share a little bit about my Saturday and update you guys about my bridal workshop tomorrow~

We went to Mega Mall this afternoon and I was actually surprised by the pouring number of people in the 2nd floor too. Thereyou can find COTTON ON's newly opened store. There are a lot of people and COTTON ON even had a mini event/fashion show set up for everyone to see. I took some pictures but I am not that interested to get caught into that massive hype people where creating in that store. So we just passed by and went far away from the crowd.

cotton on

When we got hungry here's what we ate. Food that tastes good but will not hurt your wallet - Greenwich Pizza! If you think this Pizza chain is not worth it because of it's cheap prices and it's "FAST FOOD" set up, think again. If you are craving for great tasting LASAGNA then find no more! It's all in GREENWICH! And if you happen to miss that...I will say it again, GREENWICH has one of the BEST TASTING LASAGNA out there. You should give it a try if you haven't and if you tried it before you know what I mean.


This next activity we did might be a little inappropriate, but I will still share anyway. If you are looking for good quality underwear go for the brand GIGI AMORE. They have really wide range of bra collection and even undies that will really make you feel confident inside and out. Their price ranges from 150-500 pesos. It's really affordable and reasonable compared to other brands. I've been a loyal customer of this brand so I really recommend this to you awesome readers! Here were some of my picks and I ended up buying the pink one because it fits me better than the other one~ I got it for only 149.50php


Now for the bridal makeup workshop preparation. I will be having a Bridal Makeup Workshop with Le Faerie Cosmetics tomorrow and they asked us to prepare a white formal top for the photo shoot, face towel and headband. So allow me to give you a little info as to what we are going to study for one whole day . In the morning we will be talking about Makeup Theories. In the afternoon Bridal Makeup Demonstration and after that we will get a chance to have our own work taken by a professional photographer and afterwards, we will be receiving our certificates~ I really can't wait! The great thing about this workshop all makeup needed will be provided so there's no need for us to bring our own kits. This will save me a lot of time when it comes to preparing for it. Lunch is also provided so CHEERS to full stomach while studying! ^^ I will be updating everyone more tomorrow! So don't forget to like me on facebook to get updates~



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