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This is one of the rarest moments that I get so excited on a Monday! Because today, I will be sharing to all of you the Bridal Makeup Workshop I attended last Sunday. I can't wait! So let me begin the rambling~ hahaha

So the workshop started at 10:30am, it's the earliest time of the day for me cause you what a nocturnal animal I a, but for makeup's sake I am willing to break my body clock. We arrived at the location just in time and that's when we met Ms. Bee. Ms. Bee was our Teacher on that day and she had her makeup classes in Makeup Forever last 2010. It was AMAZING! That is like every guru's dream!! She took classes there for 3 months and it was SOOO expensive according to Ms. Bee. Too bad, I think it will take awhile before I can enroll myself in that prestigious makeup school. Oh well, anyway the workshop started with a discussion about makeup tools and application and I learned so much about it. I will be doing a separate post regarding some techniques and some tips that Ms. Bee taught us so that it will be organize and you will learn from it too.

Afterwards, we ate lunch together and Ms. Bee prepared a sumptuous Italian spaghetti for us! It was really good~ My friend Arni from Popsiam even had a second round because she is really a big fan of Italian spaghetti. After eating, Ms. Bee head on to demonstrating how to create simple hair styles for brides and it was really easy! My friend and I even became instant models for it pa! It was really fun!


Then the most important part began. We started putting on makeup for ourselves and Ms. Bee taught us how to do a simple day time makeup look for the bride and also a sexy night time Arabic look for night weddings. It was so fun! We got the chance to play around with all her makeup, she provided everything for us, and we also get to use her UBER soft brushes! We learned how to make the makeup ready for photography and it was somehow like an HD kind of application because it required us to use waterproof and heavy duty products.

Ms. Bee's husband took pictures of our works and I will posting it here once she uploaded it on her website. For now, here are some pictures from the workshop~

Before the workshop ended, Ms. Bee gave us our very own Le Faerie Palettes to work with. I got the 120 shimmer and matte palettes from her. It was AMAZING! The pigmentation was so GOOD! I can't wait to use it to most of my tutorials. And at last, I have my certification for attending the workshop and I am so glad that I am ready for the Bridal gig we are going to have on October! Yeah Baby! ^^

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Alice said...

Congratulations! ^^, Can't wait to see the look that you did on your model! ^^,