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I miss you! I wasn't able to write a blog post yesterday..Too bad. 

Anyway, today, I would like to share some tips and new knowledge I learned from the Bridal Makeup Workshop I attended last Sunday. To start of this series of helpful tips I would like to start with understanding Makeup Brushes.

We all know, Makeup Brushes is one of the important tools in makeup that we should invest in. Perhaps most of you already know what they are and what they are used for. You might also have a lot of them in your vanity kit already. But there is still one more thing that we need to know when it comes to investing and buying makeup brushes.

So let me first categorize makeup brushes for you. There are 2 kinds of makeup brushes, the synthetic and the natural hair brushes. 


Synthetic brushes are usually made from nylon or taklon and it appears to be shinier than natural ones. Synthetic brushes are great for applying anything liquid or cream. They are less expensive and easier to clean. But when it comes to durability this is not the brush to go for. Synthetic brushes are great for people who are allergic to animals.


Natural hair brushes are from animal hair and it is fuller and softer than synthetic ones. Natural hair brushes tend to get even softer with constant use and are very gentle to your skin. The hair used for this type of brush is from the virgin hair of animals and is carefully tapered to make it soft against our skin.

There are various types of natural hair brushes. And this is something I am glad I learned from our workshop. So let me share it to you~

Goat Hair is the most common natural hair makeup brushes in the market. It provides optimum bristles that is perfect for any application. They are categorized in 2. Goat hair A and B. Goat hair A is softer and was the first cut with the tips still intact. Goat hair brushes is perfect for buffering and blending.

Pony Hair on the other hand is somehow similar to goat hair. But this is softer compared to it. It is soft but very fine making it a strong kind of brush. Pony hair is primarily used for eye and contouring. 

Squirrel hair brushes was taken from the very fine and thin hair from the squirrel's tail. It is one of the most commonly used makeup brushes in the market. It is best for blending and picking up heavy pigments for your eyeshadow.

Sable hair brushes is the most durable brush in the market available. It has fine pointed tips and thick middles. Kolinsky is the most expensive kind of sable hair. Next to it is the red sable. It is a cheaper alternative for Kolinsky and lastly the sable. It can be used both wet and dry application.

And last but not the least is the Fox hair. According to Ms. Bee, our Makeup instructor, this is the best makeup brush out there. We tried touching one last workshop and it was SUPER SOFT! I loved it! The downside of this though is the expensive price. She is actually selling one and I am really going to save up for that! 

So there you go guys, some helpful knowledge in deciding what brush to buy.




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