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Today I will continue sharing about the Bridal Workshop I attended and here's another post on what I learned from the workshop. This is to help you as well to get to know how you can improve your makeup application.

Yesterday we talked about brushes and its kinds, now let me share to you another essential knowledge about correcting flaws. Let's talk about the use of correctors.

What are correctors?

Correctors are used to hide flaws, imperfection, and discolorations such as birthmarks, freckles etc. They are usually in a cream form.This will the next step after priming your face. There are a number of areas that you can correct depending on your clients needs. Some people needs to correct under eye circles, redness around the nose/mouth, dark spots and other problematic areas in the face.

There are different color correctors for each flaws and as a makeup artist you should know what each color is for. Actually is very easy. All you need is a color wheel!

To correct any imperfections, just look at the opposite color. For example, I have redness around my nose. In the color wheel, Green is the opposite color of Red. So I will be needing a green corrector to diminish redness around my nose. Easy right?

So let me show you some pictures of a correcting palette. Just a little note: CORRECTING is different from CONCEALING and we will discuss on this tomorrow!~

Here is an example of a corrector palette. This is from Makeup Forever but there so many cheaper choices out there. In our training, we used Le Faerie's correcting palette. And it works well.

Picture is from Makeup Forever website

So let's begin and let's discuss the use of each colors and what they are for.

Orange, Pink and Yellow Correctors: usually used for under eye circles. The color to be used depends on the clients skin tone and what color is dominant on the clients under eye circles. For Asians, usually the color yellow is used. If the client has bruises in the face, use orange and yellow to correct it.

Purple Corrector: usually used for freckles, dark spots, it can also be a general brightener.

Green Corrector: it is used for red spots and pimples.

There you go guys, hope this post helped you in correcting your imperfections~

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