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 Been gone for a day. Fashion show was a success!! Wasn't able to update so much on facebook for i spent more than 5 hours prepping more than a handful of models at a time. But don't worry i will be posting blog articles about the wedding event and the fashion show very very soon for my photographer friend needed to edit some of it to make it presentable for all of you. :) But if you want some teas
ers about the events I've been into lately, feel free to check my facebook page. 

Anyway, i would like to share about the brushes i ordered online prior to the fashion event. If you can still remember, i mentioned about this in my last post. So time for me to give my opinions about it and show to you one of my holy grails in makeup!

After long hours of searching for the makeup brush set that will suit my taste and budget, i finally found this online shop that sells Bare Naturals brushes. I loved the fact that i can get 12 beautiful brushes under 1500php. It's really hard to find quality brushes in this price rage that's why it took me forever to find this. 

Bought this brush set for only 1230plus pesos.

I'll give you a little background about this makeup brushes. According to the website, the brushes were made from the softest vegan bristles. Vegan makeup brushes is a smarter choice compared to animal hair ones. Vegan brushes were made from taklon and it is very soft and easy to worth. Cleaning vegan brushes is easier than cleaning animal hair. Vegan brushes are also great for applying mineral makeup and can be a great substitute for expensive animal hair brushes. My dream vegan brush set is really from Charm,but since it's too expensive, i am so glad that i went with Bare Naturals instead.

This brushes are SUPER SOFT!!! They smell so good too. It was delivered nicely to my location and Bare Naturals people are so nice to even give me some freebies after purchasing their brushes.

Wasn't able to rotate. Too bad :( couple of soaps and a sample of their mineral blush.

I love the faux leather brush holder that came with it. It will double as an accessory as well. See how it looks like a pouch? Love it!!

Wasn't able to take close up pics of the brushes but each brushes feels so soft and the handle is sturdy. It also has a very unique handle shape which made it distinct from other brushes in the market. Both the brush holder and brushes have printed Bare Naturals logo on it.

To know more check their site HERE

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Chrissy said...

Ganda! I need new eyeshadow brushes again, soon. Hay!

guisell said...

where can we buy?