Neon Rainbow Look

Hello Awesome Readers~

HAPPY MONDAY! I was so inspired yesterday to make a look from Neon colors. You know neon colors had been a great hit in fashion and accessories. The vibrant colors and the "K-POP" feel to it made it so fun to wear.

The colors I used in this makeup look is more like the rainbow colors and I tried to blend them and chose the colors that will best compliment each other.


Myra E Daily Sun Protect
Pinkie Swear Cream Foundation
Ever Bilena Foundation Powder

Le Faerie 120 Palette
Pinki Swear eyeshadows in Tangerine and Orange
Princesa Eye liner in Blue
Avon Super extend mascara

Beauty Solutions blush

Sophie Paris Lipstick in Fantastic Red
Careline Lip Gloss 

The line across my eyes was actually a glare. too bad.

If you want to know the step by step procedure to get this look watch my tutorial on youtube~

Hope you enjoy this look! ^^



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Janine M. said...

Love that the colors look great together! I hope I'd be bold enough to wear bright shades on my lids when going out. :D

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Eyah Ballada said...

I love the video.. I still don't have the guts to upload mine hihih :)

Arrienne said...

Hi Janine!!~
Give it a try! You will like it! ^^

Arrienne said...

Eyah Thanks!! ^^ Please upload sooN! I really want to see it~ Video response me so I can see it immediately~